Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 thrust you into a harsh wasteland full of unknowns; a post-apocalyptic world of survivors, mutations and opportunities to create your adventure.  Here, you discover, create and try to not only survive but thrive.  Since the universe of the game is so overwhelmingly huge, and as Bethesda like to give few instructions, it easy to go off-track and make mistakes which you are sure going to regret later in the game. So, for players who have decided to join the gang, here are some useful tips:

Fallout 4

Check Every Nook and Corner In Fallout 4:

Fallout 4, reminiscent of Bethesda style, is huge, deep open world with numerous things to do and discover. Fallout 4 cheats will have you marching around in all sorts of places to identify the notifiers on the map. And, as you explore more, these marked locations will present you the some of the best secrets of the game.

That being said, Fallout 4 is a post – apocalyptic world where you will always have a good chance to find useful stuff lying around. So, it is advised, not to simply move from one point to another. If you happen to find a huge stretch of empty land around you, instead of ignoring it, you should walk around in it. As you explore, you will find a lot of secrets, or at least valuable hidden items. You can find weapons, clothes, armour, health aids, and valuable stuff all over the place. You’ll find exciting back stories and undisclosed missions. Make sure to go in as many building as you can and examine the ground and the entire border for boxes, crates, safes and sealed doors. Who knows what mysteries you will find in those unmarked areas. If you want to discover something new, you must explore uncharted territory.

Save Constantly:

It goes without saying that how important it is to save the game constantly. Before or after any major fight and even in between a difficult fight as long as you are in a safe spot. Though there are “checkpoints” in the game they are mere autosaves when you enter a new area. So, if you have got far in a mission and died, you would end up retracing many steps which can be frustrating. It also gives you the chance to approach the problem from a new angle. The quicksave in Fallout 4 is a simple two button process, and you should use it regularly.

Don’t Rush Through The Game:

The main storyline of the Fallout 4 is much more interesting than its previous counterparts. And what’s more the game doesn’t end after the main quest. But that doesn’t mean you should rush through the game. The main storyline is connected to the factions, therefore decision you take early on and moving too much forward may get you cut off from a lot of side quest. So, don’t neglect the side quest as some of them are fun. What you should do, is to focus on the main quest and power yourself up till you reach the diamond city. This will also prepare you to take on the side quests adequately.

Take your time and explore the vast world Fallout four has to offer. Everyone has their own of playing, so, understandably you and your friend, each will have a different in – game experience and later you will be glad that you did not rush through it.

No Stats Are Useless, But Some Are More Special:

When you create your character, you are asked to choose SPECIAL stats like strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. As you level up, you get perk points, which can be used to unlock or level up a park or be invested into increasing any SPECIAL stats.

It is recommended to buff up your Strength, Charisma and Intelligence skills to begin with, as this will give you an initial boost in the areas of physical capability, people skills, and levelling. Charisma is a pretty powerful stat, and there are quests which entirely depend on your charming skills. Surprisingly, Luck is one of best SPECIAL stat in the game. From, faster critical hit charging and better loot drops, more caps/more ammo found, Mysterious Stranger (who can randomly one-shot enemies, including bosses), Bonus Critical damage to Random 3x XP for doing anything, it can do awesome things.

Manage Your Companions Carefully:

Fallout 4 gives you several companions to choose from, each with their quirks, backstories and abilities. An obvious one is your faithful friend, dog meat who not only help you in combats but can search unknown areas and fetch you good treasure. Certain characters like Nick Valentine is good at hacking while Cait is skilled at lock picking. They have uses outside battle, and it is a good idea to equip them and talk to them regularly. Aside from the interesting dialogues, getting chummy with your buddy, unlock special quests and companion specific perks.

As you progress, you will gain more followers, and it is easy to lose track of them. You should make sure to park them in one spot. You can also build a bell from the workshop menu will gather all the settlers in one place.

Save All That Junk:

If you are into building, it is recommended to save all those useless crap in one of your workstations. The junk you pick up along your trips is made up of materials which can be broken down into individual component parts that can be put to better use for improving armour, modifying weapons and so on.

This part is pretty simple, and it’s easy to miss early on.

Clothing Is Important, and So Is Cooking:

Clothes can be valuable in situations, especially if they boost your SPECIAL stats. There is a huge number of ways to mix and match gear and increase both armour power and numerous stats (negotiating and speech skills).

Any good survivor should know how to cook, and this is something you really can’t ignore it in the game. Cooking provides all sorts of useful benefits to replace expensive drugs and medications.

Any number of the mission you go on has a high chance of getting raw material (meat). Though this meat can help you heal you it is usually containing radiation. And Radiation is a big enemy in Fallout 4 universe. Unlike an injury, which you can remedy with a nap, radiation lingers on and eats up your health. Having a radiation resistant outfit is handy as a preventive measure. You should also cook raw meat at a crafting station to make the meat safer to eat, increase its healing capacity and also to add advantages like extra carrying capacity or action points.

So, that’s all for now, folks !!