The Google Play Store offers numerous apps that help us to save our phone’s battery. However, choosing from that list of abundance becomes difficult. Of course, it is not possible to keep downloading apps till we find the one suitable for us. Therefore, we at Techxerl are listing the Top 10 Battery Saving Apps for Android.

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Before we dive into the list, it is important for us to know the conditions that drain our phone’s battery. They are:

  • Maximum brightness (or outdoor mode) may reduce our battery backup by 40%.
  • Wave locks (Installing dozens of Android apps, which may run in the background even when we have turned off the screen).
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular data are battery killing services.
  • Mobile standby accommodates our android battery backup by 32%.
  • Certain apps (especially root apps) cuts down on our battery backup.
  • 3G or 4GLTE can cause the battery to drain easily.

What Does Battery Saver App Do?

When Battery Saver is empowered, the App will:

  1. Reduce our gadget’s execution to spare battery, so it’ll drain out gradually and will remain running longer.
  2. Our telephone or tablet won’t vibrate since vibration takes up a lot of battery.
  3. Area administrations will be confined so that applications won’t utilize our gadget’s GPS hardware.
  4. Background data usage will also be restricted.
  5. Email, messaging, and app that require update may not do so until we open them.

Finally, the list of battery saver apps:

1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery saver

One of the most promoted battery saver App on play store. This app is an all-rounder and comes with numerous battery saving modes. The elements of this application: Power Saver, Telephone Cooler, Garbage Cleaner, Battery Saver and Battery Screen, Healthy Battery Charge And so on.

The DU Battery Saver comes with a pre-set battery administration system which enables us to take care of the issues regarding the battery and in turn, allow us to increase our battery back-up. It also has a feature of force stopping all those applications that are battery drainers in just a single tap.

2. Greenify


Greenify is a highly popular app and it is regarded as one of the best apps in the market. For Greenify to work to its full ability, the phone must be rooted. However, a version of Greenify is also available for non-rooted phones.

After downloading the app, the user will be able to block or “Greenify” an app, which will result in force stop of the app as soon as it goes in the background. As a result, a lot of wave lock can be prevented.

Moreover, the app itself only uses 3MB of RAM and an insignificant amount of CPU cycles and battery power, which means – Greenify won’t consume more power than it saves.

3. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is free battery saver apps for android which allows us to remove background running apps and extend the battery life. Updates about charging and saved battery life is also readily available. It stops power consumption with a single tap on our device. We can easily find out what is draining our power and quickly stop it.

Battery Doctor is a FREE battery saving app. The features are:

  • Power Shortcut which kills tasks with one tap.
  • Accurate battery time remaining.
  • Accurate charging time remaining.
  • Schedule power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more.
  • Unique 3 Stage Charging System.
  • Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth toggles Brightness control.
  • And Battery temperature.

4. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver


Avast is a well-known name in the world of Android apps. In the past, Avast had come up with sustainable security management systems. However, the battery saving app of Avast is worth a try. Like any other battery saving app, Avast relies on the closure of unused applications and thus reducing the background battery usage.

Avast Battery Saver also provides a proper statistical analysis of the battery usage and charging capacity of the phone battery.

5. Juice Defender

juice defender


Juice Defender is another great battery saver app for android. Many features like:

  • Different user profiles.
  • Scheduling, advanced Wi-Fi/3G data management.
  • Deeper and enhanced GPS control to maintain battery fluctuations to constant.

One of the unique things about Juice Defender is that it scales the CPU when your device is idle and the power to the main processor is limited. The app also provides widgets as a single tap can boost the battery life, and other controls and shortcuts are also available which is quite user-friendly and easy to use.
Juice defender is available in three version a FREE, Plus (Rs. 144.54), Juice defender Ultimate (Rs. 299.00).

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6. Snapdragon Battery Guru

Snapdragon Battery Guru


Snapdragon Battery Guru is a battery life saver app that enhances the battery performance and improves overall user experience by making appropriate and necessary changes that optimize the functioning in phones with Snapdragon mobile processors. This app delivers longer battery life with less charging, thus extending the battery life of the phone.

The idea of the app is to “watch” your usage of apps over a period of 2-4 days and then build an artificial intelligence so that it could save our battery life without user-intervention in future.

However, this can only run on phones with Snapdragon processors.

7. Go Battery Saver

Go Battery Saver


With the user-friendly interface, Go battery saver is something that I mentioned here. We can get instant information about your phone battery, with few taps we can optimize it for maximized performance. It also comes with a widget for our home screen which helps us to get all the battery info intact. The widget will feature the percentage of battery left, up time and the minutes do the battery last, etc.

After achieving a hooping 10 million downloads, they still working hard for a version that could function as a better battery saver. If your phone is charging, you can turn on the charging maintenance mode to reduce the duration.

8. Battery Defender

Battery Defender

Battery Defender is yet another significant mention in battery saver app for the Android industry. With a mind blowing

  • On-click termination feature this app is attractive.
  • Battery Defender automatically turns off the data connections or Wi-Fi when your smartphone screen is turned off.
  • It disables the automatic sync which provides the huge boost to your battery standby.
  • The sleeping mode enables you to stop all the battery-killing services.

Battery Defender is worth giving a try.

9. Power Battery

Power Battery

This App allows a very easy custom build-up for the users according to their requirements. If a user has very particular interests, then this app is for them. Some of the worth mentioning features are:

  • Clearly states which apps are using more battery than others, and quickly provides users a solution.
  • User-friendly and non-complex
  • Custom profiles give users the ability to control the functioning of the battery saver app. This is very useful since the battery saver app will not be able to close down applications that the user is interested in using at present and would thus give the user a very accurate estimation of the battery life.
  • Educates users about what apps and services are draining their battery, rather than closing everything indiscriminately.

10. 2 Battery Saver

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2 Battery is all about a smart algorithm when it comes to your Internet usage. Other than this, it also has the typical options of managing the screen brightness, saving the battery. As and when you put your cell phone back into your pocket or on a table, the algorithms start working. What’s exciting about the PRO version of this app is that they refund your amount if you don’t like the app within 24 hours of installing.

Conclusion: Battery Saver App is not something we need to supervise constantly. While more battery life sounds attractive, killing these elements has huge drawbacks. This mode brings down execution and confines GPS. That’s okay only when our phone is dying, but it’s not something we want to deal with all the time.