Best Android Utility Apps

Android is a matured platform now and Android devices are not limited to only being a communication devices. With technological advancement and abundant communicational power, wide ranges of applications are available for the platform. Most of us use our Android smartphones for calculation, keeping notes and monitoring a multitude of things.

Apart from these, there are numerous apps for Android offering a lot of utility. Here are the 7 best Android utility apps that you should use in 2017:

1. Valet

Valet is a free car locating application which helps you remember where you’ve parked your car. It allows you to set the street sweeping alarms and parking metre timers. It comes really handy while parking in the large spaces like airports or malls. You can enable the parking sensor or use CarDocks or Bluetooth for automatically setting your parking location. The feature ‘Find My Car’ helps you remember where you parked your car and get directions of where your car is parked. The app also helps you remember the location of your hotel or camping spot.

2. Smart Tools

Smart Tools is a paid application which you can use for measuring purposes. It is a set of virtual tools which can be used for measuring light, vibration, sound, distance, length and so on.

  • Set 1: Thread: SmartRuler Pro, Level, Slope, Angle, Length
  • Set2: Area: SmartMeasure Pro, Width, Height, Distance
  • Set3: GPS: SmartCompass Pro, Metal Detector, Compass
  • Set4: Mirror: SmartLight Pro, Magnifier, Flashlight
  • Set5: Vibrometre: SoundMetre Pro, Sound level metre
  • Set6: Unit Converter Pro

Compatible with almost all the android devices, this app doesn’t require internet support to use. Although to use Google maps and currency rates, you will need to have an internet connection.

3. ColorNote


ColorNote is really a simple app for making notes. You can save notes, messages, to-do lists, emails and memos. The auto save feature allows you to begin writing and leave anytime, and the app will save your note automatically.  You can have your notes saved in different colours; that means, you can colour code the notes differently. Besides, all the notes can be saved on the cloud and can be accessed on any device. One can even password-protect the notes, if necessary. One unique feature of this app is that you can even save the colored notes as a widget. It is an amazing android utility app for all those who don’t have notes to write, to-do lists to check and diaries to keep.

4. CamScanner


CamScanner is a free mobile application that helps you scan, sync, store and collaborate numerous contents across computers, tablets and smartphones. You can use your smartphone camera to scan certificates, business cards, whiteboard discussions, invoices, notes, receipts, etc. The app’s auto enhancing and smart cropping features help to make the graphics and texts look clearer and shaper. You can easily share the documents in JPEG or PDF format with others through social media and email attachment. You can also make annotations and add customized watermarks on the documents available for you. Another amazing feature is you can set a passcode for viewing important documents.  The premium subscribers have multiple additional benefits too.

5. ConvertPad


ConvertPad is a fully featured unit converter for your Android smartphone. This universal unit converter does the conversion and calculation in real-time. Easy-to-use, it is equipped with unit comparison table, supports 160+ currencies, supports 25 languages and has various color themes. Whether you have a small business or if you are just trying to convert foreign exchange, you can get the answer quickly. ConverPad can switch any measurement you can think of the right sum quickly.

6. Google Translate

This app is the solution to all your language woes. Whether you are travelling abroad or learning a new language, Google Translate eliminates language barrier across nation. You can translate over 100 languages by using a camera or typing instantly in half an hour. You can also download offline languages if you are planning to go to somewhere where internet can’t be accessed.

7. Key Ring

Key Ring

Key Ring is a free application for Android smartphones that allows you to store your coupons, rewards, shopping vouchers, loyalty & club membership cards on your phone. It’s simple to use and have user-friendly interface. Save the membership code and relevant bar code, and you’ll be notified about all the sales and offers that come your way.

So, what are you waiting for? Download these multifunctional useful apps on your Android device and make your life simpler.