Typically, users have their own set of applications, which allow them to fulfill all the necessary tasks. However, from time to time, it is better to update such lists, supplementing them with new solutions or replacing existing utilities with new, more functional options.

Now Macs from the very beginning are equipped with a package of real useful utilities so that it’s even hard to figure out which additional applications can be advised to install. Especially when Mac programs are incomparably functional and require very little time for mastering. However, if you have just changed Windows to Mac, something still can be advised to install the first day of work with “apple” computer.

1. CleanMyMac

Sometimes this application is called a system optimizer, and with the release of the third program version, this name justifies itself. Although the primary purpose of “CleanMyMac” remains the same – it is a high-quality cleaner, whose task is to remove all unnecessary digital trash from your computer, which takes place, first of all, on the system drive. Temporary files, software cache, unnecessary program localization, duplicate photos in iPhoto, links to deleted files, old system logs can be removed in one click here, thereby freeing up a lot of space on Mac. In addition to cleaning, CleanMyMac also allows you to run a number of system processes that optimize the operation of OS X in general and its components. For example, the program provides re-indexing Mail and Spotlight databases, which can theoretically speed up Mac’s work and eliminate problems with these programs.

2. VLC

There are a lot of universal players for Mac, but VLC is a must-have. It is free and open source so that this program is excellent to use. It does not require an installation of additional codecs, supports streaming media playback directly from the Web. This media player has a lot of functions and settings, but first, it can be used even without additional parameters. Also player supports the playback of streaming video and audio (for example, to watch Internet TV or listen to radio online).

3. The Unarchiver

Universal unpacker of various archives. The utility supports several dozens of different archives, ranging from favorite ZIP, RAR, CAB, EXE, MSI and ending with little-known exotic such as PKD, XMS, SAR, NSA, and others. This program can be configured in such way that after unpacking the archive it will be sent immediately to the Basket. Fast and convenient. It is also worthwhile to notice that, unlike most standard archivers for Mac, The Unarchiver almost always correctly restores file names from WinZip and WinRAR archives. By default, the utility unpacks the files into operating archive, but settings also afford ground for the ability to change directory.

4. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is the most famous image editor for Mac. For many people, it has become a better alternative to cumbersome and expensive Photoshop. Processing of pictures is a prerogative not only for professional photographers but also for ordinary fans to shoot. Somewhere to correct the image, remove unnecessary elements, highlight the color, apply the most uncomplicated graphics. Pixelmator is a universal graphics editor built around principles of simplicity and accessibility. Nevertheless, Pixelmator is very convenient for serious work with photos even on iPad. There are also layers, as in Photoshop. This adds pluses to the application and will be suitable for people who work with images on the way when a laptop is not very comfortable. Pixelmator is available exclusively on iOS and OS X, so the logic of use is common for apple.

5. Password

1Password is the best cross-platform password manager and storage of confidential information. A principle of storage is the next: you create storage with a master password, without which no one will access your data. This program allows you to create, save, and automatically fill out passwords for any sites. You can fully configure a password generator: choose the length, complexity, the presence of additional characters, ease of pronunciation and so on. This allows you to approach the choice of password seriously. In the password catalog, you can add information about the password and notes that will not let you forget what is relevant (especially convenient if you have personal and working accounts on one site).