Best Language Learning Apps – Language is the most powerful medium that is used by every human being to express their feelings and to communicate with the rest of the world. The world is vast and is filled with millions of people who speak a ton of different languages. The ability of speaking different languages is always an advantage. When you travel to different places around the world, communication is the key area where most of the tourists seem to struggle.  Knowing different languages will help you survive in any kind of society. But learning a language completely is tough, isn’t it? Not at all, when you carry the world of technology in your pocket. The Android platform offers several apps that teach different languages in the most easiest and fun way possible. There are many language learning apps available on Playstore.

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6 Best Language Learning Apps



Duolingo is one the best language learning apps  for Android has to offer that can teach new languages to its users for free. By using this app, you can have access to various languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian etc. This app also provides special features to practice speaking with correct pronunciations, reading and listening.  By installing this app in your device, you can learn a new word in your desired language every day.



Memrise is yet another genius language learning application available in PlayStore. This app has the record of offering language practices for the most number of languages with a total of about 180 languages.  It also features fun and interactive quizzes to test your language skills. It follows simple methods to teach the basic language skills. The app has a very attractive interface which many users find appealing and extremely easy to use. You can install this app for free and In- app purchases are also available to explore the complete utility of the app.




Babbel is another best free language learning apps. If you’re looking for an app that can teach you new languages in the most interesting way ever, then Babbel is the right one for you. With this app, one can learn about 14 major languages such as English, German, French and many more. The best thing about this app is that each language lesson is only upto 10 to 15 mins so you don’t really have to cram yourself trying to learn a new language. You can view the lessons anytime you want like when you’re travelling in a public transit. It’s that easy. It also has a speech recognition feature which provides the right way of pronunciation for many words.




The Google Play Store is filled with a ton of apps out of which Mango Languages proves itself unique. The app offers lessons on about 60 languages and you what’s most exciting about this app? You can learn all the new languages in your native language! How cool?! Each lesson focuses on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency. Trust me, using this app is way better than having to pay for language classes and going to them regularly.


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Lingua, as the name suggests is the ultimate linguistic expert which can help you learn many new languages. With an easy to use interface, this app offers lessons on the major languages including Hebrew and Arabic.


Here, in Phrasebook, you get your own cute little personal parrot trainer who will make sure that you learn the language right. Speech recognition is available which you can use to compare your pronunciation with the right one. The best feature of this app is that it does not require internet connection and hence can be used on -the – go.



Back then, as important as it was to learn new languages, people hardly had the time and money to invest in good language classes. But now with the advancement of technology in the field of education, we have thousands of learning apps from which we can gain knowledge any time we wish. The entire world has now been compressed into your handheld device which peacefully rests in your pocket most of the times. What better way could there be than to learn new languages to learn a language. Learning new languages is not easy. It takes time. But with the go?  Because, honestly no one really has the time nor patience, the above mentioned best language learning apps for  Android, one can learn to speak a new language in just a few days.  What are you waiting for? Go on, try it out!