In some instances, the services of frontend developers are too expensive, but you need to create a simple website or virtual storefront, what should you do in this case? The greatest solution is to run down a worthy website editor and do this by oneself. In this scenario, no one but you is responsible for this task. Besides, you will acquire new skills and experience in this area. You pick on any design and any option which can meet the requirements of your team. Furthermore, if the budget of your project is limited, this is a seamless method to save it. 

The modern software world is rapidly developing, allowing users to test new options every day. One of the best tools you can use is RapidWeaver. 

What Can You Do with RapidWeaver? 

This program is regarded to be a top-grade code-free website creator, which can help people with poor knowledge in this area design simple online platforms. There is no need to immerse oneself in the peculiarities of writing a line of HTML code, the app has all necessary tools allowing users to meet their goals. You can either create a standard one-page website, personal site or a professional online store with a broad array of options. The functionality of RapidWeaver can meet the demands of even the most exacting users. 

There is a free trial version, allowing users to test the host of functions of this service without payments. You can use it at zero cost for one week. After that, you should select one of the billing plans, offered on their official website and buy a subscription. Actually, one week is enough to check all privileges of this service and decide whether this program caters to your needs or you ought to keep searching. 

Website Design 

Working on your future online platform is really convenient with RapidWeaver. This tool provides you with all necessary features and templates. You will be offered to use a variety of preset patterns, which you can customize according to your requirements. 

If you are searching for an elemental solution, you can prefer a theme, a type of a page and add necessary content to it (text and images). The app offers its users an opportunity to make use of more than 40 pre-designed themes. All themes are highly customizable because all of them are constructed with CSS. It means that it is much easier to integrate add-ons into the platform you design. 

There is another powerful benefit of this editor – the code on the basis of which the application works is compatible with all popular browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) You shouldn’t wrestle with a problem how to add a navigation menu because it is created automatically. If necessary you can drag and drop different pagers in the sidebar until you pick the final look of your online platform. 

Several Fundamental Options of RapidWeaver 

This is a mobile-friendly program. It means that if you need to develop a mobile version of a website, this application will allow you to do this with ease. Commonly, a mobile version is more profitable than the web one because it attracts more customers. RapidWeaver has all features, allowing you to make a website run on smartphones without any glitches. 

The latest version of the app supports an FTP bookmark manager. It means you shouldn’t spend time on searching for previously published content or PDFs. You can save all these files into your manager instead and keep working with them later (when you need them). 

There is a capability, allowing you to attach GoSquare LiveStats or Google Analytics to your online platform and keep a check over the web statistics and visits of customers. This process isn’t time-consuming and complicated but this is a cool option, allowing you to track the number of visitors on your website. 

RapidWeaver is a high-quality software product which will help you design your website without comprehensive knowledge of web design. You’ll find an awful lot of useful tools and templates on the basis of which you can try your hand in the field of site development.