What is the best way to connect with people around you like right now? At this moment? Live streaming of course! Everybody who is anybody seems to be into it. One of the most popular Android apps that have been used for live streaming is BIGO LIVE but it’s certainly not the only app in PlayStore. Let’s do some exploring and discover other similar apps. Shall we?

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Bigo Live Alternatives Android App

1. Periscope 

[appbox googleplay  tv.periscope.android]
First up, we have PERISCOPE. It is, undoubtedly one of the best live streaming apps available for Android. So, how do you use this app? You have the option of following other users and people can follow you in turn. You can stream live videos and make them public or restrict it to a certain group of people such as your friends. You also have the option of streaming 360-degree videos which provide a magical experience to the users. But this option is only available to “select partners” only. You can check whether your followers are live or you can go to the global list and view live events.
Once the live stream gets over, you can view the highlights over again if you have missed out on it. Twitter users find it super easy to sync with Periscope.

2. Live.ly

[appbox googleplay com.zhiliaoapp.lively]
With the musical.ly app taking over every social platform in the Internet world, Live.ly is an app which has been created by the same people to bring a revolution in the world of live streaming. It is somewhat similar to the Instagram live streams. With this app, you can stream your life events live and also view the live streams of others. You can show the world you like a stream by showering it with “hearts” and also post live public comments and interact with the live streams. The daily leaderboard displays the top users based on the number of “hearts” they have received during their live streams.

3. StreamGo

[appbox googleplay com.streamago.android]
Streamago is yet another live streaming app using which you can either stream live events privately to your friends or publicly. When watching a live stream, you can show your interest and favorite them, post comments and even send virtual gifts using your money. You can also share your live stream link on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp etc. Once the Livestream gets over, you can use the replay button to watch the live stream again in case you have missed it. You can also select the broadcast quality of your videos.


[appbox googleplay id=younow.live]
You can stream your videos live for the other people to watch or discover other live streams around the world. You can like and even comment on others’ live streams and send cute stickers. You can also share the live stream links to Twitter Facebook, Instagram etc.


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Facebook is your one stop social networking destination. You update your status at any minute and even live stream videos and tag people for your friends to watch. After the livestream is over, the video will be available on your timeline which can be viewed anytime later. Just click on the “Go Live” option and start streaming live.
With so many apps available for Android, live streaming gets easier and easier every day. Pick your favorite app and go live today!