CCleaner Alternatives – The most powerful tool when it comes to clearing up the storage space in your computer is the CCleaner. CCleaner helps to free up space on your computer and also protects your private information. It is one of the most trusted and safest computer utility software available today. You can download the free version online but there is also a paid version which contains additional features. With the advancement in technology, the market is filled with many utility software programs which claim to provide equally good services. Here are the best among them.

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7 Best CCleaner Alternatives

1. BleachBit


BleachBit is one of the most popular software programs available to clean up your PC in no time. BleachBit clears the space by removing all your cache files, delete cookies, clearing your Internet browsing history from time to time. BleachBit is available for both Windows and Linux. In addition to deleting files and clearing up space, it includes other features like shredding files, wiping off free disk spaces to hide any traces of files. It has an easy to use interface where all you need to do is download and add BleachBit as an extension.

2. Privazer

For people who are more considered with safeguarding their personal information, PrivaZer is your best Alternatives to CCleaner. It is similar to CCleaner in certain aspects. It cleans your system by deleting all the unnecessary temporary files which may have been accumulated over a long period of time and also clears your browsing history. PrivaZer makes use of the native disk cleanup option available within Windows which comes off as a striking feature. With a simple user interface and more focus on privacy, PrivaZer will help you in the long run.

3. Iobit Advanced SystemCare

Yet another cleaner Alternatives software available in the market today is the Iobit Advanced System Care. As the name suggests, it indeed provides advanced features to protect and preserve space in your system. With Iobit, one can free up the disk space, shred files, manage drivers, scan disks for bad sectors and also manage OS settings. The Turbo Boost option that is available can be used to speed up Windows by disabling unwanted processes and services.

4. CleanMYMac

Stating the obvious, this utility software is exclusively for computers running the MAC OS. Some of the features offered by CleanMyMac include file shredder, software uninstaller, iTunes and iPhoto junk cleaner. The most highlighting feature of this software is the Smart cleanup option which maintains your PC based on default settings and thus you don’t have to worry about performing a regular cleanup.

5. Glary utilities


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Glary utilities provide users unique and exciting features that they can use to keep their PC in the best state possible. It comes with a disk cleaner, registry optimizer, uninstaller, memory manager, file shredder etc. This software also has the ability to periodically check for updates of applications you have installed and update them accordingly so you don’t have to manually check for updates.

6. AVG Tune Up

Sporting a more polished interface, the AVG Tune up proves to be one of the best known cleaner software that you’ve probably ever heard of. It helps you clear all the temporary files, wipe off browser history with just a click! The Economy Mode available ensures longer usage of battery in laptops.

7. JV16 PowerTools

JV16 Powertools

The jv16 Power tools are equipped with a lot of advanced features that help keep your computer clean and risk-free. The user interface might come off as a downside as it is not very colorful and attractive but on the other hand, it does justice to its claim of protecting and managing your computer in the best way.