How to Check Out Your Valentine’s Day Date with an Android Spy Software?

How to Check Out Your Valentine’s Day Date with an Android Spy Software

Have you planned something for the valentine day? Most of you will surely be planning for the valentine day date and dinners together. However, there are some unlucky people who are stressed and worried about their valentine as they think they might be dating someone else. For such people, the valentine day is not no more a day of love and happiness.

Such people need a solution to find out how and where their valentine is dating. When it comes to solving this sort of problems, there are no obvious and quick solutions. You will need some time to talk to your partner, get their opinion and share what you think about them. You can’t even tell them they are cheating on you because you don’t have any proofs for this.

Checking Your Valentine’s Date

So people can’t wait for months to fix their problems. However, there is another way. This is really easy, simple and very efficient. It will give you instant results and you can find the truth within a day. We are going to share a spy app that allows people to catch the cheating partners and find out where they are and who they are dating on the valentine day.

It should be noted, you should know the rules and law before spying on your husband or wife or even the partners. All the federal states have their laws when it comes to tracking a phone device. You should understand the laws as this can create some serious problem for you. Your partner will never like it the way you will spy on them as the app monitors each and everything and your target person will be completely exposed. Make sure you know the law and understand it before starting spying on them.

How You Can Do This?

When it comes to how you can do this, the answer is really simple. You will need BlurSPY app that is used for spying and monitoring any android device. The app is installed on two devices; one that you will monitor and the second will be your own device from where you can monitor the target phone. We are going to share how you can install, activate and use the app.

Install the App

To install the app, you will have to access the device physically. The app cannot be installed remotely but can work later. Get the phone of your partner and download the app from the link you will be given. Download and install the app with the screen instructions. It will be installed within few minutes. Your partner will never know you have installed this tracking app on their phone.

Start Spying on Them

No 1 spy app

When the app has been installed, it is ready to start tracking your target android device. You will log in to your dashboard with the credentials. Here you will see a lot of options and features. Any feature can be activated from here and you can turn it off as well if you want to. The data and files will be uploaded to your dashboard and you can view them.

Features of the App

When it comes to tracking any device, you will have to check many things. If you want to find where your partner is dating on the valentine day, the app will also help you. Here below are few features of the app that will make your work really simple and easy.

Call Tracking

The phone calls on your target phone are important as they will tell you who your partner talks on the call. The app will track all the incoming and outgoing phone calls with the phone numbers as well as the call durations. You can block any number if you doubt the activities of your partner and they will not know about it.

Tracking Text Messages

You can also check and view the text messages of your partner. With the app, you will have access to all the sent and received text messages. This can surely help out anyone to find if their partner is cheating on them. Your problem will be solved.

Tracking Live Locations

This is the feature you are going to use to find where your partner is and who they are dating. On the valentine day, you can live track the GPS location of your partner. The Android spy software will help you reach the location your partner goes. You can then check them and see who they are dating. You will have to decide the future course of your relationship when you catch your partner cheating on you.

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