Are you truly interested in photography? Then there is a good news for you! Latest artificial intelligence of Google has done a great job! Yes, it is on its own way to capture street view images from Google maps and transforming them into high quality professional photography through latest procedures. It is surprising to note that all activities are being carried out without any human touch.

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The project takes usage of some latest machine learning techniques in order to scan thousands of street view images through deep neural network. The software impersonated the skill of a professional photographer in order to turn those images into aesthetic panorama. Google is training AI systems in such a manner that they can easily perform tasks like photo editing and many more. Isn’t it amazing?

google image AI 2

Picking up the Right Type of Filters and Effects

Such an aesthetic training in conjunction with the software is a bit time consuming and labor intensive as traditionally it comprises of labeled data sets. Thus human beings need to pick out the right type of saturation filters and lighting effects. Recent research speaks about some of the best ways through which AI systems are trained to perform the task.

A relatively new and promising technique by AI research has come into limelight. The neural network is trained in a quick and efficient manner in order to identify generative adversarial network, one of the most superior photographic elements. This particular technique helps to pit two neural networks against each other and finally utilizes the result for improving overall system.

Training Required for Editing Raw Images

The previous version of AI photo editor by Google that was taken for the purpose of fixing professional shots was tampered by using an automated system that finally introduced favorable changes in lighting and applied filters. Finally, the software was introduced that holds true understanding of generalized qualities of all types of photographs.

Afterwards, training is required to edit raw images in order to improve their qualities. By taking the help of Turing-test-like experiment, it can be assured that whether the AI software is actually producing professional images or not. Professional photographers were requested to grade the photos produced by the network on a quality scale along with mixing the ones captured by human beings.

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The Best Answer is Available with a Photographer

As an output, almost forty percent of the photographs successfully received a good score on par with that of a semi-programmed. It has been aptly remarked by someone that the Street View panoramas served to be a testing bed. It is expected that a day will come when this particular technique will contribute in capturing some of the best photographs in real life.

By putting a click on any of the photos created by the network, you will easily pull up the section of Google Maps captured. It is suspected that whether the same decision will be taken in case of an ordinary camera. Only a photography enthusiast can give the best answer.