The Cubot H3 has been a long-time coming… when the Cubot H1 released in 2015, the 6000mAh battery was excellent and a rare find in a budget smartphone.

So how does the Cubot H3 compares to all the competition? It’ll come down to price and features. It’s not always a simple measurement either as lower resolution screens and slower mobile CPU’s will increase battery at the cost of performance.

It’s all about finding the right balance and with the Cubot H3 specifications, it looks like it’s main priority is on the battery life, not the performance.

As it’s an early impressions review, specs could change. I’m basing this early impressions review of the Cubot H3 off the information that’s been released so far.

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Design & Display


The 5″ display on the Cubot H3 will feature a 1280×720 resolution and at this size will be sharp enough while saving on battery power. The design isn’t anything special with the battery cover being made from plastic with a fingerprint reader at the top middle.

From the early renders of the H3, it doesn’t look too thick, but we’ll have to wait and see. In my experience, the thickness isn’t a problem if your number 1 priority is battery life.

Although.. if you want the best of both worlds… The UMiDigi Z1 Pro comes in at 6.95mm thick and still manages to squeeze a 4000mAh battery in!



On the other hand, the Cubot H3 is a smartphone that seeks the balance of hardware, since its main feature is the size of the battery and not the performance. That is why in the technical section it has a 64-bit MediaTek MT6737 processor, with 4 cores and a speed of 1.3Ghz. It is accompanied by a graphic chip Mali-T720 MP2, 3Gb of RAM LPDDR3 and has an internal storage of 32GB, which can be extended with a Micro SD card of up to 128 GB. This hardware configuration, beyond the 3GB of RAM, is still limited, and although it will allow users to move a large number of daily applications with complete fluency, you may encounter certain problems in some heavy apps such as games and others that need greater processing power.


The Cubot H3 will feature a dual-camera setup on the rear. In my experience, budget dual-camera setups don’t work very well and you’re better off with one.

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One of the most notable features is a big battery. This has a massive capacity of 6000mAh. 

Since the H3 is aiming to be a budget battery-life centric device it’s going to all come down to price.