Deep Web And Dark Web – In this age of high web technology, the usage of the web has increased tremendously. Thus search engines are on their ways to update their existing algorithms along with introducing new ones in order to keep pace with changing trends. Special protocols along with software are taken into usage for convenience.

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What does Deep Web refer to?

Now, terms like deep web and dark web seem to be used very much commonly. But can you state the actual difference between them? For your kind information deep web refers to the web that holds its existence into those places that are beyond the reach of search engines. It comprises of those items that have not been listed by Google & Company. They are:

  • Dynamic content
  • Databases
  • Exceptional forums
  • Non-spidered websites

The deep web is presumed to be related to something awesome in the web, similar to the notorious Silk Road black market. But it holds a difference! Everything in case of deep web is not at all bad or illegal. As it does not get indexed by search engines, they hardly turn up when searched.

Examples of Deep Web

Some of the best examples of deep web include:

  • Emails
  • Online banking transactions
  • Tweets
  • Messages on Instagram and many more.

These are something that is accessed probably on a regular basis. None of them can be turned up on the web via any of the search engines. Instead they are hidden under the shelter of a paywall or protected via password. In short, anything that is difficult to fetch on the web surface via a search engine may be considered as a part of deep web.

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Web Browsers to Access Deep Web

Thus it may be easily inferred that the deep web may be also known to be an invisible or hidden web. But it may be easily accessed via web browsers like:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox etc.

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How Does Dark Web Differ from Deep Web?

You must have also heard about dark web. Rite! Let’s get ourselves introduced to the same and get to know the way it differs from deep web. Like any web-like network, the dark web takes into usage proprietary protocols. Sometimes it also requires special types of software to gain access. At present there are numerous networks, Freenet and TOR that fall under this category.

To be a bit precise, dark web cannot be accessed by taking into usage standard web browsers. Do you know why it is also known as the underbelly of the Internet? Dark web comprises of those particular websites that are involved in the selling of illegal products like drugs. Also they are known to house websites that deal with unwanted stuffs like child pornography and weapons.

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How to Indicate Websites of Dark Web?

Deep Web vs Dark Web

It is taken into usage by internet activists and journalists in majority to remain anonymous at circumvent restrictions at the time of passing or gathering any type of information. It is especially for countries where the web remains in a highly censored state. Search engines like DuchDuckGo and others that are concerned about their privacy also run their services on dark web for convenience.

Websites residing on the Dark web are generally suffixed with “onion” as domain. You may easily access them by simply employing the TOR browser, exact URL or other similar devices like The Hidden Wiki. Though it is not at all illegal to access dark web, still you need to beware. It is not as fancy and interactive as other web surfaces.

Is Dark Web an Evil?

Though the actual difference between dark web and deep web is clear, one thing is for sure that none of the tools on the web are bad in terms of essence. Instead the way it is being utilized makes a huge difference.