The Deep web is the most unrecognized area of the web in the common web searches. It contains a lot of unrecognized web content and it is as vast as 500 times greater as the web we access. The Contents those are not recognized and not able to be accessed by the common net users with the help of normal web browsers as they can’t detect the domains of these web pages.

The Deep web contains many secret web pages and uncensored contents as these are untraceable and doesn’t leave any kind of trace. These are used many people like Journalists, defense, Hackers, Drug peddlers and many others who want to hide their identity and themselves from being recognized.There are many Deep web search engines and the top 10 Deep web search engines list are: 

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Top 10 Best  Deep web engines used are:

  1. Torch:

This is one of the oldest and top deep web search engines, that is very familiar to many users and it claims to have more than a million deep web pages in the deep web that are not recognized by the general purpose web search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

2. DuckDuckGo:


This is the type of the deep web search engines likewise of the Torch and also has a large number of the deep web pages that are not accessed the normal search engines and browsers.

It also has a large number of features evolved in it and has many toolbars and features and makes it easier to access the contents.3. Onion URL Repository:

3. Onion URL Repository:

This is one of top search engines that extend the web pages with the extension.“ Onion “to itsURLl pages. This search engine has not enclosed its information regarding its database details like no.of pages of content with them. This is also believed to be having the largest part of the illegal dark web pages.Uncensored Hidden Wiki:

4. Uncensored Hidden Wiki:

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This is one of the top dark web search engines that is having the largest amount of the uncensored hidden content in the complete web. This contains largest link and article database of the information on criminal activities from drugs to child pornography. This search engine also consists of the blogs about TOR(that links to various kinds of the deep web email providers, services and also different kinds of social networks)  but there needs to be a complete cautious mind of nature while using this search engine.

  1. Grams:

This is the most dangerous and banned illegal search engine that consists complete information regarding the complete narcotic drugs from production procedure to the sale of the drugs. This considered to the global market of the drugs along with the production techniques and tips to escape the drugs from the government and excise department. This also has the complete information of the most dangerous drugs in the complete world and it is not recommended to access these sites as it could be a violation of the Government rules. And it considered being illegal in most of the countries.

  1. Start Page:

start page

This is one of its kind in the deep web search engines as it doesn’t even record over information like IP addresses used for the usage and accessing of blogs, links, articles and much more. It is also considered to be the most user privacy driven search engine in the complete deep web search engines. This is one of the most useful deep search engines that would let the user know the various unknown things by normal web search from the general purpose search engines.

  1. The WWW Virtual Library:

the www Virtual library


It is a deep web search engine that is directly found by the creators of the web, Tim Berners Lee. By which, we can understand that how old this search engine is and its importance of creation. This consists of large contents of articles, blogs, informative materials about many of the research articles that are helpful for researchers and many other web users.

  1. Parazite:

This is a search engine that will take to a random site for the keywords entered in the search bar of the Parazite and it gives a thrill and terrifying experience as the one cannot guess where the search going to take the user. The operational manner of the parasite can be compared nearer to the gamble as we cannot what would happen at the end.

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  1. Not Evil:

It is one of the cleanest deep web engines, that is not clumsy and clutter free and has no ads that could disturb the user from the main search content and irritate the web user while surfing the deep web pages that cannot be accessed by normal general purpose search engines.


 This is one of the best Deep web search engines for the beginners to learn the process, toolbars, and features of the deep web search that will give the required privacy from being detected and traced by the search engines.  But it has a little tricky kind of toolbars but once the user understands the operation and controlling of the toolbars and search keywords. The user can play with the search engine and can get as much information he/she wants to know. But this search engine has a very good user interface that enables to give the user an ease of the control and joy.