Gearbest has brought Super September Bumper Harvest Sale for you. If you are looking for good devices at lowest price than usual, then you are landed at right place. Gearbest is offering a huge discount on a large range of electronic goods including smartphone, smart watch, bags, etc.

Now, this sale will roll out in a couple of phases, the first, ‘Preheat’ phase will start on September 6 at 10AM (UTC time) and last until September 11 at 5PM (UTC time). This phase will include Group Share Deals, Lucky Bags, Shopping Lists and Bumper Brands. 

Gearbest Super Bumper Harvest Sale

Here are some main event held on under the Gearbest super bumper harvest sale.

  1. Flash Sale 

gearbest flash fall deals

Get the savings started early with all-time popular flash sale deals. Every day you will find fresh deals on various products. Be quick to grab these deals as the stock is limited. You can check the following image to compare flash deal price and regular price tag.

2. Group Share Deals

Share to lower the price! Total shares, the lower the Final Price. You can share numerous items and the final price will take effect from September 11.

3. Lucky Bags

The name itself suggests that the gift worth of these bags are more than the actual cost. Each bag contains one or more surprise gifts.

4. Cool Add-ons

In this section, Gearbest is offering the bunch of products from $0.99 to $100. 

5. Ultimate Deal Harvest

This section allows you to grab the best deals on the electronics product and accessories as well. 

Ultimate Harvest Deals

Apart from above deals, one can also enjoy extra PayPal discounts, play & win prizes, and more. For complete deals overview of GearBest Super Bumper Harvest Sale, refer the below link.