google home vs amazon echo

With the world growing tremendously in the technology, it is not a surprise when I tell you that almost every little thing in our life is being replaced by something that involves technology. Our lives have evolved so much now that technology has become an inevitable part of our everyday chores. To make our simple lives much more simplified, we have smart assistants. What is that?!  Trust me, it’s nothing new.  Basically, they are our AI friends like Apple’s Siri or Windows Cortana who help us with almost everything we need in a day.  But in this article, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are going to be our main focus. Read on to get to know all about them so you can decide which one makes your best friend.

Google Home

Google Home is a voice- activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It’s more like an advanced version of your phone’s Google Assistant except now it’s like your assistant just jumped out of your phone screen and became real. As usual “OK Google” will get your Google Home running.

Google Home looks like a small white speaker, more like an air refreshner ( which makes it the perfect item to be placed in your living room), and is easily portable. It has a single button with which you can mute/deaf the speaker but most of the commands are given by voice. As always, you can tell Google Home to wake you up at a particular time or to remind you of an important event. One of the notable features of Google Home is that it can manage multiple accounts and it distinguishes each user by their voice! If you already own Chromecast, then you can use voice commands to stream your favorite songs or podcasts simultaneously in different rooms. This is an area where Alexa still needs to improve. Google Home also has additional smart home functionalities which use Philips HueSamsung SmartThings etc.  Google, being it’s fun and cheery self, does not fail to entertain users as well. You can play little games such as Crystal ball and have fun, interesting chats with her.

Amazon Echo

Being launched in the year 2015, the Amazon Echo is an internet connected speaker that is powered by Amazon’s world famous voice assistant, Alexa. So far, Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap have been used in various environments including large organizations, homes and small offices. Not only does it assist you in the best way possible, it also controls many IoT devices turning your ordinary home environment to a super smart environment. The Amazon  Echo looks like a cylindrical bar and is available in two colors: black and white. Echo has about seven microphones installed in it and because of this one may feel like the Echo does a better job at understanding the commands than Google Home. The volume ring on top of the Echo provides easy control over the volume settings. It is also compatible with Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and much more which enables you to play music using simple voice commands.  The Amazon Echo does lag a bit in multi room features where you cannot group together the speakers in different rooms but the Home takes over the spotlight here!

On the whole, both Amazon Echo vs Google Home are in fact brilliant assistants with slight variations from each other that are sure to fulfill your daily demands.