HOMTOM, a reputed Chinese company has successfully launched an inexpensive model in order to please its fans. Newly launched HT50 Phablet is not only a nice looking gadget, but is also a real treasure. Along with a novelty design, stylish carbon black panel will keep your eyes glued for long.

Gone are those days when you were supposed to charge your smartphone within an interval of 24 hours! HT50 can be easily used for three days after single day charge due to an incredible battery. TFT-panel along with finger print sensor and rounded corners make the set highly aesthetic.

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Best View and Comfort to Eye – Promised

This highly economical HD display comprises of a dimension of about 5 inches is manufactured using the IPS technology. Large settings regarding brightness and contrast will truly provide high comfort to eyes when viewed. Better not to view in scorching sunlight as it may affect the comfort of eyes!

Mediatek processor, the heart of this newly introduced phablet works in conjunction with high capacity RAM along with the Mali graphics adapter. The bundle is truly suitable for producing an HD resolution thus ensuring highly stable and smooth operation of some of the highly demanding applications.

High Quality Camera – Ensures Capturing of Best Snaps

Homtom H50 camera

As the volume of the ROM is highly modest, it can be easily supplemented with a slot that is especially meant for MicroSD cards. Nowadays smartphones hold inbuilt cameras that have lessened the burden of carrying heavy cameras. Similarly, HT50 by HOMTOM includes a camera of high quality that makes the handset look functional and highly competitive.

You will truly be amazed by the quality of picture produced by the same. Not only during daytime, but also at night the quality of photos captured is really awesome. One of the great features in association with HT50 is that the quality of the picture captured does not get affected even after high level of noise pollution all around.

Flawless Performance – Ensures High Sale

Homtom h50 performance

In addition to the above mentioned salient features, fast charging, optimized Android along with support for 4G and OTG serve as a highly perfect addition. Flawless performance along with highly positive salient features guarantees decent sales in the long run to come.  HT50 can be easily availed from online shopping portals against a reasonable price of about $99.99.

The HT50 by HOMTON holds a split screen mode that allows one to run apps as per his own wish. In other words, they can be run in background as well as side by side, which is really a wonderful feature. You need not update the already included OS of Android 7.0 until the next version arrives.

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Additional Benefits in Association with HT50

 The newly introduced 4G phablet includes a wide range of sensors for easy usage. The inclusion of fingerprint scanner on the back side will enable easy unlocking of the phone thus providing high level of security. No more requirement of memorizing passwords as the scanner will perform the required job.