How to Play Nintendo GameCube Games on a Personal Computer

Though the legendary Nintendo GameCube was released almost eighteen years ago, it hasn’t lost its popularity. The sixth generation video game console was a revolutionary device that allowed millions of gamers to enhance their gaming experience. With their new console, lots of Nintendo fans got an opportunity to play favorite games in online mode, connect to the GBA console via a link cable, and access advanced in-game features using their GameCube as a second screen and a controller. Some may argue that there is no place for home video game relics at the era of sophisticated breathtaking strategy games, and eye-catching RPGs. Still, if we look closer at any of the modern game, we’ll come to the realizations that it lacks originality and uniqueness inherent in classic game we loved to play back in the day. It comes as no surprise that retro gaming is making a comeback not only into the lives of grey-bearded connoisseurs of old-school games, but also young gamers raised on the Internet and real-time 3D adventure games. Do you want to reunite with GameCube iconic characters in the 21st century? Go on reading our article, then.

Download and Install an Emulator

If you don’t have a GameCube console at hand, but you’re itching to play childhood games, there is no need to scour eBay for a second-hand console and spend a fortune on it. All you need is a reliable emulator, a program that enables your computer to act as a vintage console. Currently, there are not many emulators that can run GameCube original games smoothly. Among of popular emulators available on the emulation software market are Dolphin, GCEmu, Gcube, SuperGCUBE, and WhineCube. Still, Dolphin is rightly considered the most reliable and stable one. It can run almost all commercial GameCube titles without freezes, lags, and bugs.

Though Dolphin is compatible with the most popular operating systems, Max, Windows, and Linux, you’ll be better off running your emulator on a desktop Windows 64-bit computer.

  • If you still have those relic mini-discs you once played on your GameCube console, go blow the dust off them! Though you won’t need the discs to play on your emulator, you can create a virtual image of your favorite game. To do it, download a special program called CleanRip from Google. This program will help you make a copy of your GameCube disc and run it on an emulator.

Download Games for Your Emulator

Now that you have an emulator, you may want to get the best possible games to play on it. You can go search the Internet for abandonware website that offer retro games for emulators. Still, you should be selective and vigilant, when it comes to downloading any files from third-party websites, even those claimed to be “reliable,” “time-tested,” and “the most popular.” The truth is some websites distribute malware under the guise of high-quality GameCube ISOs, representations of entire GameCube game discs. So, make sure to check the available feedback on the online resource you’re planning on using to download games.

  • We recommend checking out RomsMode, Romulation, RomsMania, and EmuParadise, the websites that offer reliable emulation software and the best retro games you’ll be able to run on almost any emulator.

Dive into Retro Gaming!

After downloading and unpacking the ISOs of your favorite GameCube games, fire up your emulator. From the menu, select “Config” and “Paths.” Then navigate to the game folder containing the ripped games or downloaded ISOs. Double-click on the selected game to start playing it. Enjoy old school classics on your PC!

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