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Secret National Security Letters

Google Revealed 8 Secret National Security Letters From The FBI

For the time, Google has shared the eight notices or National Security Letters (NSLs) it received from the FBI. These eight letters, dated from...
Google Account Security Tips

4 Google Account Security Tips You Should Never Ignore

We can’t imagine our life without Google in nowadays. Google is almost everywhere, for instance, Google search, Gmail, maps, YouTube, contacts, calendars, Android, etc. Either,...

12 Amazing Google Assistant Tips And Tricks You Should Try

Google has recently launched 2 new smartphones – Google Pixel and Pixel XL, with Google Assistant. Being the first phone to get the Google’s...
Google Chrome Tips

10 Secret Google Chrome Tips And Tricks, You Must Know

Though Google Chrome is not a better browser in terms of security (privacy). But still, Chrome is the most popular browser in the market....
10 Important Google URLs

Are You Familiar With 10 Important Google URLs?

Everyone would be familiar with Google. No doubt, Google has been ruling on the web since 1998. We love Google due to its user-friendly...
highest paid acquisition by google

Google Acquisitions: 10 Most Expensive Acquisition By Google

Google parent Alphabet Inc is the biggest tech company in the world.  Google is the god of virtual world, could you imagine your life...
Use Your Google Now Voice Search With 12 Best Ways 14

Use Your Google Now Voice Search With 12 Best Ways: Must Try

Google Now is one of the best and the strongest feature in any Android device. People who actually know about this feature, they use...
Google Gravity Tricks _techxerl

Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks Which Will Amaze you

Want to try something creative and exciting on Google? Well, you might be familiar with Google Gravity Tricks. If not then we are here...

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