Good news for Windows 10 users! You can now run a full, Ubuntu-based Bash shell directly on Windows. The Bash shell is well known for its ability to run Linux software. This newly introduced bash shell is neither a compiler nor a virtual machine. Instead, it is a new Windows subsystem for Linux.

Highly Beneficial for Users

Its development took place as a result of fruitful collaboration between Canonical and Microsoft. Developers who often switch between Linux and Windows will definitely benefit a lot from this new form of development. But you must know that the bash shell does not come installed by default.

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Setting Up of Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10

Need not worry! You need to get into settings followed by tweaking a little prior getting the same installed into your computer system.  Though the whole procedure is not that complicated as people think, the only thing is that the whole procedure will take a few minutes.

Below are some easy to follow steps that will eliminate all sorts of confusion followed by getting Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10 in the best possible manner:

  • After going to the “START MENU”, it is essential to go to the “SETTINGS” option.
  • Afterwards, the option of “UPDATE & SECURITY” must be clicked
  • In order to proceed ahead, you need to move to the FOR “DEVELOPERS” section followed by clicking on the “DEVELOPER MODE” to enable the same.

developer options

After enabling the DEVELOPER MODE, it is time to enable the WINDOWS SUBSYSTEM for LINUX.

Enabling Windows Subsystem for Linux

To enable Windows Subsystem for Linux, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Switching on to the “CONTROL PANEL” followed by selection of “PROGRAMS” option.

click on programs

  • From there, the option “TURN WINDOWS FEATURES ON or OFF” must be selected.



  • As soon as a new window gets reflected on the screen, it is time to scroll down and “enable WINDOWS SUBSYSTEM FOR LINUX (BETA).” Once done, it will be better to complete the whole process followed by restarting your computer system.



  • After successful restarting of the computer system, you need to type “bash” into the Cortana search bar followed by hitting the ENTER key to run the command.

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  • As soon as Bash opens up, “y” must be typed to carry on with the work. It will better to wait for a few minutes until BASH ON UBUNTU ON WINDOWS gets successfully downloaded from Windows store. Also, it must be installed on the Windows subsystem.

press y


  • Finally, it is time to enter a NEW UNIX USERNAME & PASSWORD. Once the password matches after successful retyping, the whole installation procedure will be successful.

create username and password



Now you may easily carry on with your tasks in a smooth and an uninterrupted manner!

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Experience Associated with Usage of Linux Bash Shell

After you have successfully installed Linux Bash Shell on Ubuntu for Windows 10, you will be on your way to start successful usage of Linux compatible file systems along with various commands. But you need to consider the fact that Ubuntu has not been installed into your computer system.

Guys new to Linux may feel free to give a trial to these commands for gaining an amazing user experience:

  • grep – Helpful in searching those named input files for lines comprising of a match to the given pattern.
  • sed – As a stream editor, it is used to perform basic text transformations on an input stream.
  • awk – Helps in processing and proper analysis of text files.
  • rmdir – Used to remove a specific directory.
  • man – This particular command showcases the manual of any particular command that has been supplied by the user

Along with fetching an exciting experience, you will be in a favorable position to run bash shell scripts along with Linux command-line apps.

As a tech savvy, you must know that the software you have installed into the Bash shell is restricted within that boundary only. It cannot be accessed from the Command Prompt, PowerShell or somewhere else. Though the Bash environment along with Windows hold access to same types of files on your computer system, software in the Bash shell cannot interact directly with Windows!