intel core i9

Intel is at it again! In addition to all the previous releases of several successful core processors, Intel Core i9 is going to hit the market soon as well. Intel claims to provide better performance and speed with its all new core i9 which could be the next BIG thing! Belonging to the family of the Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition, Intel has released all the specifications of the Intel i9- 7980XE for the entire world to know. Read on to get an insight about it before it officially gets released.

The most important aspect of a processor is performance. So far, Intel has proved itself worthy with its previous versions of the X series processors. Does i9 have what it takes to outrun them?  The clock speed helps to determine the performance of a processor. The specification list for i9 states the number of threads as 36 with 18 CPU cores which determines the number of tasks that can be executed in parallel. The more the number of threads, the better will the performance of multitasking. So, the performance of Core i9 is just like how we want it to be.

The Core i9 consists of an all new technology known as the Skylake- X architecture along with other processors that have 16 – 19 CPU cores.  It also has an integrated floating point unit and three levels of cache size which results in a larger CPU and system performance.

The Level 1 cache size has 18 x 32 KB instruction caches and 18 x 32 KB data caches. Level 2 has 18 x 1 MB caches and 24.75 MB in Level 3.

Core i9 790XE has a total physical memory of 128 GB and a data width of about 64 bit. I t has four memory channels and a memory controller. DDR4- 2666 acts as the supports memory. But, it doesn’t come with integrated graphics.

One notable feature of the i9 7890XE is that it has unlocked clock multiplier along with Turbo Boost 2.0 mode which provides the fastest dual core frequency which will help to achieve maximum performance.

The Core i9 was officially announced by Intel on May 30, 2017, and it will be available for purchase on September 25, 2017. If you are looking for a processor that is capable of intensive multitasking or some serious gaming, then go ahead, this is the right one for you. The only disadvantage this chip has is the cost factor. Of the i9 family, the i9- 7980XE happens to be the most expensive one at $1,999. It’s always better to do ample research before we invest a huge amount of money. Hopefully, the information provided above helped you to decide.