Nowadays, the Internet Wayback Machine is taken into regular usage by almost all. It is taken into usage for accessing the obliterated data of websites, creation of fruitful business strategies and many more. It can be easily made out that a Wayback Machine supplies an individual with the power to go through the website history along with the way its development took place.

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Time to Switch On to Wayback Machine Alternatives

In case you are not successful in accessing the Wayback   machine alternatives, it is high time to go with some of the best Wayback machine alternatives. As these websites comprise of some unique features, it may be assured that they will be of immense help. Below is the list of alternatives from where you may easily choose the one matching your choice:

1. ScreenShots –


ScreenShots has been regarded to be the best alternative to Wayback machine. As the name suggests, it can be easily made out that it will take a snapshot of websites followed by saving those snapshots into a database.

In case you need them in future, you may access those websites again by accessing the snapshots only. But it is the owner who will have access to the code for security purpose.


It is also one of the highly recognized alternatives to wayback machine. Archive has been recognized due to comprising of numerous functionalities that are hardly offered by others. Because of its uniqueness in functionality, user-friendliness and ease in navigation; Archive is on its way to gain high popularity.

There are two search bars in association with it! Along with providing you the authority to access and download the content of websites, you may have access to codes and screenshots as well. You may also share the screen shot of the webpage.

3. iTools



Along with serving as a genuine website, iTools will provide you with all sorts of information regarding any particular domain name. This particular site provides due access to the Alexa database.

Also, you will be informed about domain popularity plus competitors and traffic of website. By simply clicking on the Internet option on home page, archive tools can be easily accessed.

4. Competitor Screenshots

comptetior screenshots


Competitor Screenshots is another trusted Internet archive Wayback machine alternative. By gaining access to this website, it will be easy for you to fetch screenshots of the desired domain.

All you need is to sign in to gain access to emails and other additional features in addition to screenshots. Only a single time registration is required in order to access all other features that are freely available.

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5. Pagefreezer



As Pagefreezer is the only website to offer numerous functionalities, it may be easily utilized for the purpose of extending your business up to a certain extent. By making proper utilization of the archive content of the website, it will be easy for you to get to know about your competitors.

Rather than being a holder of special skills, signing in will give a kick start to the process.

6. Webcite

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Webcite will offer writers, publishers and editors a specific type of screenshots related to author-cited references. Along with a clunky interface, it will contribute in archive the HTML page along with any linked documents and images with ease.

User friendliness along with appreciable database size and exclusive features make Webcite stand ahead!

Hence, it can be easily made out that these are some of the most popular and best alternatives to internet Wayback machine. It is hoped that they will be very much helpful to all!