The wait is finally over! Apple has officially launched. it’s all new never before seen iPhone X! In the launch event that was conducted in Cupertino, Apple launched three new iPhones: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The iPhone X is undoubtedly Apple’s next big step into the world of smartphones which packed with new and exciting features. If you’re someone who loves the Apple range of iPhones, this one is something that you most certainly don’t want to miss. Take a look below to get to know some of the cool and unique features of Apple’s new high-end device.

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Everything You Need to Know iPhone X

1. Looks Matter

Let’s talk about how simply amazing and awe striking the iPhone X looks. To everyone’s surprise, it looks completely different from you typical iPhone where the front part of the phone is covered entirely with the screen giving a bezel-less look and the iconic home button has disappeared making room for more screen. So, basically, it’s like your iPhone 7 with the screen everywhere! On the top, of course, we have the Apple selfie cameras and sensors. The back case of the iPhone X is made up of glass and stainless steel much like our old iPhone 4.

2.Display Screen

Portraying a Super Retina Display, the iPhone X display screen is a 1125 x 2436 at 521PPI OLED screen made by Samsung. Now, the OLED display screen is something new to the Apple range of phones. With this all new display screen, you can enjoy the experience of rich colors with high-quality resolution.

3. Where Is the Home Button?

Iphone home button

As mentioned earlier, the home button has vanished in the all new iPhone X. I know it sounds weird and it will take some time for the iPhone users to get used to this as thumb finger is automatically going to search for the missing home button. The power of the home button has been given to the power button or the side button like you can long press the power button to activate Siri or double click the power button for Apple Pay.

4. More Battery Power

The battery power has been extended in the all new iPhone X where the battery power stays longer than two hours than your iPhone 7.

5. Wireless Charging

Like most of the Android phones, you can now charge your iPhone X by placing it on the inductive pad instead of plugging it into the wall.

6. Picture Perfect

We all know, Apple made our jaws drop with its dual camera feature in the iPhone 7 but it just doesn’t stop there! The back facing dual cameras of 12 MP each have been rotated 90 degrees to offer a new photo experience. Now, you can shoot slow motion films in 4K!

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7. Portrait Lighting Mode

The iPhone X also includes a new feature called the Portrait Lighting Mode where you adjust the flash settings and light up your picture the way you want.

8. Your Face is the Key

What does that mean?!  This has to be the most amazing thing Apple has ever come up with so far. When you start using your iPhone X, you will be taken through a series of steps where you will be asked to record your finger print and to look into the front camera. The iPhone X camera will capture your front face and side portraits. This is your Face ID. Your Face ID is basically the key to unlocking your iPhone X and everything on it. To unlock your phone, you need to hold the camera up to your face and the phone will only unlock after recognizing you. Masks and other such pranks can’t fool your iPhone X. With this new feature, your phone can know when and when you’re not looking at your phone, so it turns off the display and save power!

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The iPhone X, like the previous models, runs on the All Bionic processor with 3 GB RAM. This phone comes with 64GB and 256GB storage option. 

10. IMiING is Much More Fun Now

These so called Animojis use the face recognition features to map your face with that of an emoji where you can put your voice in the mouth of a dog or unicorn! How much better can this actually get ?!