As the Smartwatch Market is growing swiftly, you would find new smartwatch every week. Following the trend, KingWear is unveiling many smartwatches. One such amazing smartwatch is KW18.Let’s take a deep insight of all the features and functionality of KW18.

KingWear KW18 Review

This smartwatch is little costlier than other smartwatches, but it does have some unique features. The UI(User Interface) is themed differently. It’s more close to visual level and doesn’t look like other smartwatches, but behind the scene, it’s running the same OS like other smartwatches. This has a bigger screen than other smartwatches, about 1.3 inches. Besides that, it does the same thing like the other smartwatches. It tracks your sleep,  has a pedometer, sedentary reminders, it’s compatible with Android and iOS both. It has sim card slot and a micro SD slot.

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Unboxing KW 18

Th unboxing of this smartwatch is to the point. You can see that the LCD on KW 18 is huge, 1.3 inches. If you have got a small wrist then it may look beefy on your wrist. You can also see that it also has got a nice thickness in the image below.

Right side of the watch

KIngWear KW18 is designed with minimalism and perfection. The strap band is made of rubber material. It is dull polished and uses non-hazardous TPU. The band is long enough to fit for most of the sizes of hand.  The dial is round, the display edge protected by aluminum. It feels comfortable as a wearable.

On the right-hand side, there are two physical buttons which are used to navigate through the UI and put the watch on or off. There is a microphone at the same side.On the opposite side, there is sim card tray.

Left side of watch

At the bottom of the watch, there is heart rate sensor, speaker, and four pins magnetic charging area.The good thing about charging area is that it is recessed. So it will not fall out like in the other Chinese watches.

Bottom of the watch

Now let’s take a look what’s other accessories inside the box.


Inside the box, you will find a magnetic head charging cable and a simple pin to open the sim card slot.

KingWear KW18 – Features

Like any other smartwatch, KingWear KW18 also comes with a list of features.

  • Anti-Lost Alarm
  • Remote Camera Operation
  • MP3 Player
  • Receive notification for messages, calls, and apps
  • Alarm settings
  • Calendar
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Pedometer
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Heart Rate Monitoring

Compatible OS

This smartwatch is compatible with both Android as well as iOS.The wristwatch is fixed with a top notch performance CPU hence the reaction of the KingsWear KW 18 is much ease with both OS.

RAM and Processor

KW18 Smartwatch comes with the MTK2502 processor and 128MB of internal storage and 64MB of RAM, which is below the average but it’s more than enough as this smartwatch doesn’t come with an internal camera.But, you can put memory card up to 16GB for extra memory so that you could transfer some photos from phone to the smartwatch.

Connecting KingWear KW18

This smartphone has an independent SIM card slot, and it could easily sync your messages and contacts through Bluetooth. All the information you need is available precisely and accurately on your display by showing notifications of incoming calls, SMS, or Facebook and WhatsApp messages. The data is synchronized quite well, and there is not a chance you will miss the information. Anti-lost alerts you when the distance between your watch and phone surpasses 10 meters. In the meantime, Bluetooth 4.0 connection works just fine.

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Pros and Cons:


  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Independent SIM Card
  • Useful sensors for health
  • Good Bluetooth Connection
  • Available in black, silver and champagne gold color


  • Weak battery life
  • No camera
  • Insufficient packaging