Leagoo Kiicaa Mix smartphone review

The recent launching of Kiicaa Mix by Leagoo, well known Chinese Company has kept everybody astonished. With a similar look to that of the Galaxy S8, you may truly be astonished features by simply paying an economical budget. This newly launched smartphone has been divided into three categories.
The first stage comprises of 16 GB internal storage along with 2 GB RAM that is expandable. Also, it includes a quad core chipset! The intermediate set comprises of about 3 GB RAM along with 32 GB internal storage along with an octa core chipset. Now it comes the turn of the most powerful set!
Introduction of Various Types of Models
The third type of model has been well known to be highly powerful due to 6 GB RAM along with 128 GB internal storage and octa core chipset. Though prices vary from one model to another, none of them will burn a big hole in your pocket. People may easily make a purchase and enjoy the alluring features.
Models have been categorized on the basis of memory capacity. But it is astonishing to note that each and everyone shares some common features that include the following:

  • The display screen of about 5.5 inches.
  • Aspect ratio of about 18:9 and Mi Mix.
  • Fingerprint reader at the front side.
  • Two main cameras at the rear.
  • Dual tone flash for ensuring capturing of beautiful clicks.
  • User flexibility even in dark.

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Dimensions along with Additional Facilities

Leagoo Kiicaa mix smartphone

The Kiicaa Mix Phablet is available in black color with dimensions of 14.17*7.58*0.79 cm. The weight in association with the same is about 153 grams which are easy to carry to and fro. Along with a simple design, it owns a pair of quality loudspeakers along with type C port. Sensors included have been provided by OmniVision.
As the device is expected to facilitate fast charging, it can be easily used for long without any hassle. Extremely thin bezels along with simple design and naturally beaded corners make the set an extremely precious set. The screen occupies maximum space of the Smartphone and has a single button at the bottom, which will allow us to unlock the device in a quick manner.

Some Astonishing Features in Association with Kiicaa Mix

Due to such astonishing features, there is hardly someone who will not at all give a trial to Kiicaa Mix. Also, the smartphone will comprise of Type-C USB port at the bottom side thus permitting 4G LTE connectivity. It is better to place the order at the earliest as it will be served on the FCFS basis. Hurry up! Prevent yourself from falling prey to unnecessary loss.
There are numerous websites that will permit you easy placing of the order. In this digital age, each and every activity can be carried out with ease within a few clicks. As soon as the pre-order session concludes, customers may expect to get their orders delivered at doorsteps. Get yourself introduced to this new invention. It is advisable to stay tuned!