When you run an eCommerce site, your ability to survive—and hopefully to thrive—depends on how well you’re able to continuously increase sales. It depends on how successful you are at constantly helping your company grow.

While many eCommerce businesses do this by spending their time on providing top quality goods and unparalleled customer service, there are other things you can do draw more revenues in. Here are a few lesser-known options to consider, options that can easily put you ahead of your competition.

Write a Blog

If you have an eCommerce site, it’s likely that blogging never crossed your mind. After all, your primary goal is to sell products, not to educate or entertain. But did you know that blogging can also help you increase your sales?

SalesHub shares that blogging can help you raise your eCommerce revenue a number of different ways. First, it establishes you as an authority in your field, showing that you’re someone to listen to. It also drives more traffic to your website, giving you a higher ranking on popular search sites like Google.

Blogging also helps consumers answer any questions they may have about a product, making them more comfortable with making a purchase. It also provides you the opportunity to highlight how to best use the items you sell, again, increasing customer ease when it comes to making the buy.

When blogging, publish new articles regularly. This keeps both your customers and the search engines engaged with what you have to say.

Use Templates for Certain Web Pages

When creating your eCommerce site, it’s super important to highlight your products so they’re as appealing to your consumer as possible. However, how you construct some of the other pages on your site is equally as important, each for different reasons.

For instance, your About Us page is designed to help your customers get to know you and your brand better, a factor that is critical to marketing success. Therefore, if your goal is to make a positive impression, the way you construct this page can help you serve this purpose.

Your Shipping Information page, on the other hand, tells your customers when they can expect their goods and how they will arrive. This can improve their experience simply by letting them know how you run your business.

As dropshipping expert Oberlo explains, using templates for your About Us and Shipping Information pages can help increase the odds that you’ll get both of these super-important pages right. This ultimately helps increase your sales, albeit in other, more subtle ways.

Focus on Your Return Customers More

Many eCommerce sites focus primarily on acquiring new customers. However, one 2015 survey revealed that return customers spend almost twice as much money as customers who are buying from your site for the very first time. And this is even though return customers are only responsible for 48 percent of all eCommerce sessions.

So, if your goal is to increase your sales, it pays to focus more of your efforts on people who’ve purchased from you before. One way to do this is to enable your customers to save billing and shipping information so they don’t have to re-enter it. This saves them time and hassle.

Another option is to offer incentives for shopping with you again. This could be by giving repeat customers a discount on subsequent purchases or by offering loyalty rewards. Remember: the more you can get them to come back to your online store, the greater your sales will likely be.

Do these three things and you’ll be on your way to increasing your eCommerce sales. Plus, the fact that they’re lesser known means that you’ll also be one step ahead of your competitors, which is a good place to be.