Best Lightweight Browsers – We all know the very famous and big browsers for windows is Google chrome which is most popular these days. The other is Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge etc. Yes, it can’t be denied that these are the best the browsers and perform extra work as well but these browsers are very heavy and need more memory on your PC. But you have alternative options which you can use and they need less consumption of system resources.

Here, we are discussing the best 7 lightweight browsers which you can use for your windows. Have a look:

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  1. Midori


Midori is one of the lightweight programs available as the open hotspot. Along with this lightweight programming it also supports major standard program as well such as  HTML5 bolster, bookmark, RSS bolster, Spell checker, Anonymous perusing. Aside from these highlighting features, Midori is providing extra features such as changing protection settings, textual style/show settings, startup settings so on. Alike all browsers this browser is also accompanied with a default web engine. Midori utilizes Duckduckgo as its default web crawler. This is the additional plus point of this browser as today people are more concerned about privacy and Duckduckgo don’t share user personal information. Concerning UI design, Midori is moderate and direct in approach which is a pattern these days. The UI essentially comprises of a hunt box, bookmark bar, a portion of the typical catches and the substance takes the greater part of a room.

2. Comodo Ice Dragon

The primary and the superpower feature of this program is that it is a security organization. Along with strong security, Ice dragon has other essential highlights which are like Mozilla Firefox. Some of that highlights would be, menus, expansions, additional items. For converting URL’s to IP address, lightweight window browser uses Comodo’s DNS servers. Moreover, a company guarantees that Comodo is speedier than some other browsers.

3. Seamonkey

Seamonkey is an open-source web program like Midori that has been around for over 10 years. This program is a standout amongst the most versatile programs you can get availability in the market, on the grounds that it offers substantially more than simply standard web browsing. Sea monkey has its own inbuilt features which are inherent email customer, a visit, and even enables you to build up some basic pages with its inbuilt manager. If you want to keep all your officials in one page, want to run fewer tabs in your computer, this is the best browser to use.

4. Maxthon Cloud Browser


Maxthon window browser accompanies with various unique features which competitors don’t have. Maxton has its in-built advertisement square. It also has some other features such as screen catch apparatus, night mode, read mode and so on. It has a multi-account secret key supervisor, which passes by the name Magic Fill. Maxton browser has its cloud administration which synchronizes client information between different gadgets.

5. Vivaldi



Vivaldi is reliable and it has got strong performance. Vivaldi browser uses Google chrome engine but requires less memory and space than Google Chrome. Chrome program. Vivaldi has got some customization choices, for example, topics, and tab courses of action, take notes, etc.  it has an alternative to change the theme automatically. Vivaldi program has beaten Mozilla Firefox in HTML5 test. This Windows program is truly youthful and has got some opportunity to get better.

6. Torch

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If you are the person who is fond of using the internet to listen to music and watch video recordings, then the torch is the best window browser to use. This modified program is based on chrome rendering engine and has amazing highlights that manage media efficiently. The program additionally gives you access to more sight and sound substance, from different locales.

7. Lunascape

Lunascape is a multi-engine program like Maxton Cloud Browser. Not at all like Maxton Cloud, has Lunascape had three motors related with it? Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Mozilla Firefox), Web kit (Safari and in the past Chrome), these are the three motors utilized. The program permits exchanging between these motors and this may cause poor execution on a few systems.

These are the best seven browsers for windows which are light weight browsers and require less memory for your PC.