Guess what’s new in the field of technological gadgets today?! It’s the all-new Android TV box! So, what is an Android TV box? It is nothing but a portable device that can easily transform your ordinary television to a smart television, thus enabling users to stream videos, music, to play games and also provides access to the internet. Now that we know what an Android TV box actually does let us move on to finding out the best TV box lurking in the market right now.

Such a device can be found among the Mecool’s range of products: The Mecool M8S PRO W TV BOX. This device has some really striking features guaranteed to be worth the money spent.

Let’s dive in for a deeper look.

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First, let’s talk about how this box looks. It’s a simple, portable black box that you can easily carry around with a red border line that adds a little glam. It comes with a TV remote, an HDMI cable, and an instruction manual just in case you need some assistance. The remote needs 2 AAA batteries to function which are not included. On the side of the box, we have two USB slots, an Audio/Video jockey and a TF card slot.


The Mecool M8S TV Box supports full 4k high performance and comes with a quad-core processor with a 2GB DDR3 RAM and a 16 GB ROM which can be extended up to 32 GB. This TV box runs on Android 7.1.2 which enables users to connect with the world of entertainment right from your sweet home! It also supports Airplay and Miracast facilities. A power adapter is also provided to fulfill the power requirements of the box. Yet another cool feature of this box is that it is a linguistic genius! It supports languages such as English, Chinese, German, Japanese and much more. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi and supports IEEE802.11 (Bluetooth).

With these many features, we can enjoy high-quality video experiences. Now, accessing Youtube, Netflix, Twitter, and HBO is as easy as gobbling down a piece of cake! When you are bored, you can easily switch to your Twitter feed and get to know the live happenings in the world and also express your opinions with your tweets or watch your favorite movie with your loved ones. With this magic box, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, stream live videos from anywhere in the world, browse the web and even play games with your family and friends. It has a 3D graphics processing unit which enhances your gaming experience and takes it to the next level. Also, did I tell you? All this coolness is available for just $31.99!! This box is undoubtedly an amazing device that is guaranteed to turn your old tv into a magical tv and add more spice into your life! Don’t miss out! Hurry up and grab your Mecool M8S Pro W TV Box now before its runs out!