Smartwatches are the new eye candy available on the market today that is attracting a lot of tech users. Smart watches are basically nothing but your smartphones simplified. But then what’s the catch here?! These smart watches actually come packed with super cool and exciting features. Not many people go for smartwatches because obviously, they are way too expensive. But it’s not like that always. Today we are going to review a smartwatch which is actually quite affordable and at the same time stays true to its technological claims.

The all new MGCOOL Band 3 Smart band is more than everything you have been waiting for!

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The MGCOOL Band 3 has a luxurious design that you can show off in a crowd. Unlike your ordinary watch, the MGCOOL smartwatch has distinct features that can surprise you. The strap of the band is made from soft silicone with a smooth finish which gives a sporty look. It comes in two colors: red and black.


They display is indeed a crucial aspect when it comes to watches. The manufacturers are imposed with the challenge of giving more when all they have is less. With a limited screen size, the display has to be still crystal clear and perfect! It gives you all the necessary information with just one touch.

Some of the cool features this band has to offers are as follows,

Heart Rate Monitor

MGCOOL Heart Rate

Yes, you read that right! It tracks your heart rate with the help of an advanced optical sensor and unique algorithms. All you have to do is wear the band and it will automatically start monitoring your heart rate.

Motion Sensor

Just raise your hand to make your screen light up so you can view all your notifications.


Here is your fitness companion who can tell you the exact number of steps you have taken in a day along with the amount calories you have burnt. It tracks all this information live and in real time.


MGCOOL Band 3 WaterProof

The Band 3 has a waterproof and sweat-proof design. This enables the watch to help you be on track even during sporting activities like running, swimming and others. So, now you don’t have to take your band off for any silly reason.

Intelligent Reminder

This band’s features also include alarm calls, SMS notifications, and sedentary reminders. It also indicates new messages from Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook etc.

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Sleep Monitor

The name says it all. Wear this band even while you go to sleep and it will track your sleep pattern, record your light sleep and deep sleep which will eventually help you improve your sleep pattern.

You can also connect your watch to your smartphone and make your life much simpler!

The MGCOOL BAND 3 SMART BAND is undoubtedly your life’s best friend. Even when you are in a hurry, this watch can assist you with your daily routine chores and also helps you stay fit.