NetFlix Alternative Sites: One of the most popular terms that circulates the World Wide Web today is NETFLIX. It is the most popular and successful streaming website in Hollywood, which is well known for premiering some of the best TV shows ever. Netflix also takes pride in providing ‘Netflix Original’ content. But one downside to this successful platform is that its services are not available in every country in this world.

Netflix seems to have placed itself in a strong position in the field of online entertainment. The first name that comes to people’s mind when they think of ‘online video streaming‘ is Netflix. But did you know that there are several other online video streaming websites as well? They may not offer exactly the services offered by Netflix but they do make a good replacement. Here we are with best paid/free movie streaming sites. Let us take a look.

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7 Best Netflix Alternative sites


Amazon prime video

Right now, one of the biggest and strongest competitors to Netflix is Amazon Prime. Amazon, in addition to its magical shopping services, also equally provides streaming services in over hundreds of countries around the world. All you need to have is an Amazon Prime account and you are good to go. You can watch your favourite movies any time you want by buying them for $14.99 or you rent a movie for 24 hours at $2.99.When you officially become a member of Amazon Prime, you get full time access to all the movies including the newly released ones. Amazon Prime has its own set of movies and TV shows that attract a huge a number of people.



Blockbuster LLC was initially a video games rental service which then entered into the world of online streaming and it now provides mind blowing services in a completely easy to use manner. You can buy your favourite movies / TV shows or rent them as per your convenience. If you rent a movie, you can watch it any time in the next 30 days. Once you have started the streaming, it should be over in the next 24 hours.


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We all know this. We can’t live without this.YouTube is one of the biggest alternatives to Netflix. I am pretty sure that not a day goes by for us without viewing a video on YouTube. Now, YouTube may not offer full length movies and TV shows but it does own the pride of streaming original content and it also the feature of offline viewing which has proved to be really useful in many circumstances. The best thing about YouTube is that it’s for free. You don’t have to spend a single penny.




Hulu is yet another online streaming service that is well known for streaming some of the popular TV shows and movies provides by around 200 companies which include Warner Bros, NBC Universal, MTV Networks and many more. Recently, Hulu joined hands with Yahoo in extending its free on demand video service and its goes by the name of Yahoo View. The sad thing about Hulu is that it is only available to users in Japan, United States and its overseas countries.




Owned by Sony, Crackle is undoubtedly the best online video streaming platform that streams original and fresh content to its users. It may not have a huge collection of movies and TV shows but it does have its own TV series coming up. If you’re sick of the same old movies and shows, give Crackle a try. After all, you might fall in love with new beginnings. Oh and also, it’s absolutely free.




The name explains it all. The famous iTunes store, developed by Apple, is renowned for its vast collection of movies and TV shows. From blockbuster hits to new releases, itunes has it all. It is most certainly your number one source of entertainment.  You also have the option of renting HD movies starting at $3.99.


Vudu is one of the Netflix alternative site. it is owned by Walmart and it offers excellent video streaming services. One aspect in which Vudu beats Netflix is that, Vudu can stream movies on the same day the DVDs come out whereas Netflix waits for 28 days from the day of the DVD release to stream the movie. Vudu also streams high definition videos in 1080p. It has adopted a technique to stream videos in HDX format that offers a Blu-ray like experience to its users.

The above mentioned websites may not be the exact replica of Netflix but they do provide standard streaming services with some of them even having their own advantages over Netflix.