Office 365 Training For Workforce Readiness In 2019

MS Office 365 provides
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To keep up with the rapid changes in the landscape of the IT sector, it seems to have become extremely crucial for business enterprises to acquire necessary training and skills to adopt the latest technology, especially the IT trends and advancements to stay relevant in the IT market.

Since the majority of the data is now controlled and managed in the cloud, business organizations are now preferring to migrate to the cloud to perform their day to day business tasks and operations. One great platform to meet this purpose is the online version of Microsoft Office Suite.  With the help of Office 365, you can save up on time, IT expenditure and ultimately improve the performance and efficiency of your employees.

In recent times, Microsoft has been continuously working to improve its cloud computing services and develop different services and applications to help business organizations to meet their organizational goals.

You can use various applications by Office 365 to help enhance the quality of the daily tasks of your organization. Microsoft also offers special features and updates for these applications. You can opt for the following apps depending on the nature of your business:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Skype
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Exchange

Since Office 365 is the cloud version of the Microsoft Office Suite, it is important that you get the necessary Office 365 certification training to use these various tools and services effectively.

Office 365 is extremely flexible and versatile. There are many features in this version that are not available in the older version of Microsoft Office Suite. However, you have to pay for a subscription fee to some of the additional features and services of Office 365. Once you pay for the subscription fee, you can use various apps, tools, and services that can enhance your organization’s performance.

You can also change these apps according to the nature of your business. In Office 365, you can have access to an unlimited number of services and features. However, to truly benefit from these services, it is important that you are using them the correct way.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with various tools that can help to simplify and speed up your organization’s day to day operations such as creating and managing work schedules and other daily tasks. This can help to reduce the workload for your organization’s managers and executives. As a result, they will be able to focus more on improving the performance of their team members and deal with customer requests. Some of the major benefits of Microsoft Office 365 training are as follows:

Facilitating the Mobility Of Employees

The most important feature of Office 365 is its mobility. Since this is a cloud-based suite, you can perform various business tasks and access your work accounts even if you away from your workplace. You can log in into your account via your Office 365 id and use your mobile phone to access your important files, send emails and interact with your team members. However, if your employees are used to use the older version of MS Office, then it is important that you invest in Office 365 certification training to help them benefit from these features and services.

Storage Of Large Data On A Single Platform

At times, you have to save large files on your system that can take hours to save. To overcome this problem, you can use Microsoft OneDrive to store a large number of files online in a single platform. You can access these files from anywhere by logging in to your OneDrive account. OneDrive is extremely simple and convenient to use. You can save your presentations, files, pictures videos, etc. You can also keep your data confidential or share it with your colleagues.

Easier Communication Through Microsoft Skype

Another important application of Office 365 is Microsoft Skype. In today’s digital age, it has become crucial for business organizations to collaborate with each other to perform various tasks effectively and quickly. Making international calls, conducting conference meetings have become essential for business organizations. Even if your business is small, you need to have an effective means of communication.

Without proper means of communication, your organization will not be able to grow. With the help of Office 365 training, your IT staff can become more skilled in using mobile apps with confidence. In this way, your staff can constantly remain connected and access official email accounts, important documents, and data at any time. The mobile apps provided by Office 365 can be downloaded by users of iOS as well as Android for free.

Convenience In Scheduling Through Outlook Calendar

Nowadays, like most employees of an organization work away from the worksite, planning meetings and scheduling appointments or conferences can become quite a challenge. This is the case, especially with large teams. Office 365 provides a solution to this dilemma by providing one of its most powerful applications, the Outlook Calendar.

You can utilize it to plan and schedule meetings or appointments well in advance. Not only these plans, but the whole calendar itself can be easily shared to communicate schedules to all team members. This reduces the chances of miscommunication in an organization. In this way, every team member can be informed about others’ schedule and have it displayed in the calendar on their device. This view can be mutually shared among all team members to communicate important official dates.

Microsoft 365 Certification Exams

Microsoft 365 certification exams enable you to verify your aptitude and skills globally helping you widen your job opportunities and options. You can easily prepare for these exams through enrolling in training sessions or opting for online tutorials. It is advisable to also make use of practice tests to ensure better preparation for the exam day. One reliable way of ensuring career advancement is to gain excellence in Microsoft 365 technologies by obtaining the recently-launched certification of Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator. As a Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator, you will deploy, plan and manage all Microsoft 365 services in your organization.

To be certified as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator, it is a pre-requisite to hold a certification in either Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator, Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate Or Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate.

Final Word

As each software is launched in the market, adequate training is immediately required to make certain that employees adopt the software quickly and efficiently. This training can then develop the IT skills of your employees and improve the functioning of your organization. This can be beneficial in terms of finance as well and pay off in the long run. To make things easy, MS Office 365 provides the same interface which was used in the previous office applications. This makes the learning process less daunting.

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