OnePlus 5 Accessories

The recent landing of OnePlus 5 has kept everybody dumbstruck. The latest introduced handset comprises of Snapdragon 835chip, dual camera module, storage of up to 128 GB along with 8 GB RAM, Highly astonishing AMOLED Display and many more. It is highly over-spec! As a result its Operating System also faces difficulty in utilizing its full body potential.

Can We Use OnePlus 5 to its Full Potential?

It is obvious that it is impossible to utilize the OnePlus 5 to its full potential. Thus we need to go with some selective cool accessories to move ahead, thus making the handset more durable and robust. Are you ready? Then go to the market and get these following accessories for convenience:

1. OtterBox Case in Nightfire Color


An OtterBox case will not only enhance the overall look of your handset, but will also serve as a protective coating. The case comprises of a two-layer design, where the outer layer serves to be a hard skeleton and the inner side is soft thus ensuring high protection from bruises and scuffs. Nightfire color is preferred as it enhances the grace of your cover.

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2. Smartphone ring grip

smart ring grip

This particular accessory remains stick to your smartphone thus preventing it from accidental falling down. The rear finger hook enables easy gripping of your phone .It can be oriented for playing games, video chat an music.

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4. 3D Tempered Glass Protector

oneplus 3d glass protector

The newly introduced 3D tempered glass screen protector serves as a full coverage and ensures proper covering of curved edges. By installing the same, you may easily save a lot of money required for repairing a dead piece of metal in case of an accidental drop.

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5. Power Bank for 2300 mAh battery


Mobile power banks serve the best purpose of topping up the power of the battery. It will enable easy charging of your OnePlus 5 at least 6 times a day with some juice left into the bank.It has also remained highly supportive to Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 permitting easy charging of your battery. It will also serve as a life saver.

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6. Dash Car charger

dash charger

It is a harsh reality that the Dash charging technology is the best when it comes to quick charging technology. Thus, having a car charger of same technology will let your phone charged up to 60% within a time slot of 30 minutes. It is a must for people who use to commute by their own car.

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7. OnePlus Bullets V2

Bullets V2

OnePlus 5 does not come with any out of the box earphones. If you do not have a pair around which is affordable and decent, OnePlus Bullets is a good option. The highs and mids are good enough with a punchy bass. Build quality is also surprisingly good.

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8. Bluetooth Headphone set

blutooth earbuds

If you are a fan of wireless earbuds, then TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones is the best choice at an affordable range. The earbuds provide a solid playback time along with 175 hours of standby time. They also have noise cancellation and are splash resistant. The audio quality is good with an excellent inline microphone for your calls.

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9. C Type Cable

oneplus dash cable

The OnePlus 5 can be easily plugged into a USB flash drive by using a C type cable to access its contents It is an affordable and highly charming choice, A highly unibody design rather than a flexible cable and easy to manage.

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10. USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

usb to c type

In case you leave your charger at home, it is very hard to borrow a cable from someone else, as many phones are still using the micro USB port. Thus, it is always beneficial to be prepared for such a situation, especially when the preparation is very affordable. USB-C to Micro USB adapter will only cost you a few bucks but will serve you the required purpose.

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11. Car Mount Holder

car arm

Mobile phones have become our personal navigation assistants.  Do you agree? If you drive a lot, then a good car mount is a must for you. It keeps your device still and allows adjustments in order to let you orient your device as required.  A highly solid product and one of the best car mounts in the market right now.

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12. RND Fast Charging Type-c Dock

RND fast charging

Since OnePlus does not comprise of its own dock, there is no way to get Dash Charging. However, with this RND Fast Charging dock, you may go for fast charging. It has an adjustable kickstand, which lets you adjust the angle of your smartphone. You can also use this dock to charge and sync your phone simultaneously.

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13. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Wireless Speaker

Bang Olufsen Beoplay M5 Wireless Speaker

It is better to go with high quality Bluetooth speaker that comprises of a sound level of minimum 85 decibels. Also, it must be waterproof. With the help of this particular device you may easily enjoy your party with gusto for nine continuous hours. It is available in a plethora of colors which makes selection much easy.

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14. Fitbit Fitness tracker


If you are a fitness conscious guy, then it is high time to fetch a fitness tracker that comprises of a long time battery life. Along with tracking your heart rate, it will take a record of additional activities including sleeping. It will let you know your performance during workout sessions as well.

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15. USB-C to USB-C cable

USB C Type

A high quality and durable USB-C to USB-C cable is known to feature a braided cable. Better to go with Anker Company as its cable wires have been reported to be durable and tangible enough. They are not easily breakable and last for long!

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So, what are the components you are about to purchase for your OnePlus 5?