oneplus 5 review

The newly introduced OnePlus 5 comprises of certain things to count on. Among them some of the vital ones include high performance along with awesome price and touch of originality. It has been manufactured by simply including some of the latest components inside along with a trivial fact that it does not hold a favorable display.

OnePlus 5 Review

1. Ordinary but Highly Inspired Design

oneplus 5 design

It is really a cheaper deal in comparison to other premium phones. The handset of OnePlus comprises of screens comprising dimension of 5.5 inches in size along with a dimension of 1920*1080 pixels. It also comprises of a density of 401ppi which is not at all a bad display by any means.

The front position comprises of a fingerprint sensor unlike recent and capacitive back buttons. OnePlus 5 has proved itself to be the best alternative to some of the premium Android flagships. It comprises of some highly chunky bezels along with an oversized frame. Though not water resistant, the handset includes a full-fledged screen protector.

2. Clothing in the form of iPhone Clothing

OnePlus 5 handsets are available in both black as well as gray colors, its newly polished aluminum surface proves to be a nice contrast to its worthy competitors. A little bit slippery to touch, its palm-friendly thinners and contours will definitely limit the number of drops. It is available in a wide variety of faux finishes that include wood grain and carbon fiber.

They fit in a nice manner without inclusion of high number of bulks. The handy alert slider instantly turns on:

  • USB-C port
  • Dual SIM slot
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Headphone jack

The box does not include ear buds as it presumes audio output as an afterthought.

3. One of the Fastest Android Phones till Date

oneplus 5 performance

OnePlus 5 has proved itself to be an absolute beast due to inclusion of Snapdragon 835 processor along with RAM of up to 8 GB. Also, it has proved to be significantly faster when compared to the S8 and HTC U11 after passing several tests. Stutter-free scrolling along with speedy apps and zippy animations are some other exceptional features.

The RAM comprising of a capacity of 8 GB has enabled the handset to hum along. The virtual bloat-free OS of the phone provides it a Pixel-like smoothness. Even the fingerprint sensor is also absurdly fast. The battery gets easily powered even after long usage for the whole day, despite being smaller in terms of size.

The OnePlus 5 will last long and has been reported to be in neck-to-neck with Galaxy S8+. The handset also supports Dash charge system that contributes in faster filling in comparison to its peers. Still, you need to take into usage rd cable to get the phone charged and wait for long to get it charged in a wireless manner.

4. Quality Camera – But Still Needs More Advancement

oneplus 5 camera

As per recent survey conducted, OnePlus 5 has been reported to capture shoots in a very quick manner through fast auto focus along with shutter speed in HDR mode. The app for camera has been reported to be good enough with a clean layout and an excellent pro mode including a tiny histogram.

If it would have been a bit cool from inside, then colors would have been highly vibrant. Even, when shoots are captured when normal distance when used with 1.6x optical zoom feature. When it comes to shooting at extreme low light, images captured seem to be a bit dull.

5. Amazing Selfies but Bad Portraits

The marquee feature in association with the camera of OnePlus 5 camera is none other than portrait mode. Even after shooting into solid backgrounds, it requires several attempts to lock in to the subject followed by extremely soft edges. One requires an expert hand to shoot a flawless portrait.

The 16 MP camera comprises of blemish-removal sliders along with full screen selfie flash. When light betray, the feature of electronic image stabilization helps a bit. But with rear camera, you need to stick to bright spots for best results.

6. Oxygen OS – A Breath of Fresh Air

OnePlus 5 with has remained faithful to Oxygen OS of Android, which is nearly identical to Nougat. File manager along with fingerprint-protected folder for sensitive documents are some beneficial features. This particular version makes you feel as fresh as you can. It is refreshingly clean and light enough that makes the phone feel even faster.

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Why to Buy OnePlus 5?

Still, people prefer purchasing OnePlus 5 due some amazing features that include:

  • High performance
  • Thin and light weight
  • Inclusion of headphone jack
  • Retail price cheaper than other Snapdragon 835 phones

You need to pay either $479 for 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, or $539 for 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. It is certainly a better deal than the $750 Galaxy S8 or the $650 HTC U11 and LG G6.