As an internet savvy guy, you must be familiar with the fact that bookmark manager tools are very much essential to organize scores of links along with information that is bookmarked on a regular basis. Such tools will let you fetch all bookmarked stuff from a single place. Also, they permit editing, deleting as well as adding and organizing web pages that have been bookmarked.
Why to Use Online Bookmarking?
Some of the basic features in association with the best online bookmark manager remain almost same all around. Additional features include easy accessing the bookmarked tools through mobiles, computer systems and web browsers. Bookmarks have been well recognized to access information that nobody desires to miss out.
Top Bookmarking Tools Used Online
There are some amazing tools to bookmark information through online mode. They have been well known to function more than what browser extensions hold to offer. Some of the highly recognized online bookmarking tools include:

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10 Best Online Bookmark Manager Tools

1. Instapaper

Instapaper, being among the best online tools for bookmarking facilitates easy saving cum reading of anything. Its versatility is considered to be among well known aspects due to which it may be easily taken into usage on all types of electronic devices that include iPad, Android, computer system, Kindle and even on lain white paper.

You may easily save all your interesting articles, songs, videos and many other things that come across at the time of browsing through a single click. It is easy to read anything you save anytime anywhere desired even in offline state. Instapaper also enables easy highlighting of articles followed by commenting on the same.

2. Xmarks


Xmarks has been recognized to be another best online bookmark manager that works in a smooth manner with some of the most popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It may be easily utilized for backing up your bookmarks on a regular basis for easy recovery.

It will also allow easy accessing of bookmarked items from web-based interface by simply accessing It will also permit easy sharing of individual folders with different users. Xmarks have also been well known to offer premium services that grand easy access to applications on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

3. Pocket

credit: The Verge

Pocket, that was formerly known as Read It Later will let you put almost anything directly from your browser as well as from other web apps that include Email. Twitter, Pulse and Flipboard. Being among most popular bookmarking tools, it will definitely be the right choice for beginners.

It has been recognized to be the best online bookmark manager as you need not have an Internet connection to read the stuff that is duly stored in Pocket. Also, you may easily catch their glimpse from a wide range of electronic devices that include smartphones and tablets. It facilitates easy adding of tags to individual links for easy finding.

4. Pinterest

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In case you prefer going with a highly visual content and prefer collection of lovely photos, then Pinterst will be among best bookmarking tools for you. It will let you create unlimited number of organized pinboards as you desire. All you need to do is downloading the Pinterest toolbar button to pin anything you like.

While on the way towards web browsing, you will definitely come across a wide variety of stuff. In case you like something and prefer going with the same in future as well, then you need to fetch access to the best online bookmark manager. You simply hitting the “Pin It” you will all your stuff pinned at the start.

5. Delicious

Delicious has been all around for years to serve internet savvy users at the best. It is simple in terms of functionality and working. Such a remarkable online tool for easy collection and sharing of stuff with ease thus enhancing your chances of gaining an opportunity to go through bookmarks that have been kept by people within the community!

Similar to other organized bookmarking tools, you may easily sign up with the same free of cost, thus leading easy organization of all of your pages category wise to enjoy the associated benefits again and again. It is trusted by millions of users on a worldwide basis due to its ease in access.

6. Evernote Web ClipperEvernote - The best app to keep yourself organized


If you want to discover some of the amazing organizational possibilities of cloud-based tools Evernote, it is high time for you to give a trial. Along with serving as the best online bookmark manager, Evernote will also serve as the best tool for online clipping of desired pages.

By simply signing up, you may carry on with the task of tagging in an according manner. It may be easily utilized to save some of the valuable contents of a web page in full as well as selected portions. You will be able to find out anything that has been collected.

7. Trello



Trello is among best bookmarking tools that is considered to be a mixture of interest and Evernote. Its functionality is all about in association with serving as a personal or team-based tool to share information along with performing the desired task.

This particular bookmarking tool may be easily utilized to build a list of others that comprise genuine cards of information. Trello also comprises of a highly convenient browser add-on that can be easily fetched from here. This particular add-on may be easily dragged towards bookmarks.

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8. Bitly



Time has come to measure you links by shaking hands with Bitly, one of the mostly recognized top bookmarking tools. Also known to serve as a link shortener as well as an efficient marketing tool, it can also be used for bookmarking as well.

It can be easily installed for easy saving of web pages that are liked by you. After successful bookmarking, all your links will be easily viewable under the “Your Bitlinks” tab. You may also move ahead to add tags in order to keep them duly organized.

9. Flipboard



Flipboard will enable you to organize world stories that match your passions. It has served to be a personal magazine app that has been duly appreciated. It provides you with the opportunity to curate your own magazines along with links collected.

It is not necessary to save your own links to the starting point as it will bring to you articles along with posts on the basis of what has been shared by others throughout social networks. By simply installing the bookmarklet of Flipboard, you may easily carry on with the task.

10. DiigoDiigo


Diigo has been recognized to be another best tool for bookmarking that comprises of a host of services along with features. Also, you may easily add annotations to the column of bookmarks.

With the help of the “annotate” option to highlight the desired content! You may also catch screenshots of web pages followed by saving it to access the same.

Thus it can be easily made out that bookmarks have indeed become a way of internet browsing because not always are you in a place to read things you are seeing instantly. It is for sure that you will get satisfied after using the browser extensions available.