Online transactions have now become a craze nowadays. People go for online shopping through credit cards and mobile transactions. Online international payment services including PayPal are gaining high popularity due to their way of facilitating easy shopping in a digital manner. PayPal enables easy sending, receiving along with requesting for money all across the world.

But at the same time, you need to follow a plethora of rules and regulations at the time of its usage. For some, it may hinder in completion of a few transactions. In case you are also on the same boat, then it is high time to get introduced to some alluring alternatives to PayPal that will make your transactions easy.

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Why PayPal is Not the Best Choice?

PayPal, though being highly dominant, does not always seem to be the best choice. Some of the vital reasons are:

  • PayPal is best suited for paying smaller amounts. The higher amount you pay, more the transaction fee you need to pay.
  • PayPal does not permit its transactions in all areas. As a result, it is not well suited on a universal basis.
  • PayPal has been reported to be highly notorious in terms of blocking account. In other words, it is not possible to get access to your funs until you are unblocked.
  • A premium is charged against each and every transaction made. In case you move ahead to accept international payments, you need to pay a handsome premium, which is a big burden.

Some of the Viable Alternatives to PayPal

Now, you must be on your way to protect your flow of cash along with reducing costs and not at all leaving your hard earned money on the table. Some of the best alternatives that will glad you through their features include the following:

1. Google Wallet 

google wallet

Though mainly taken into usage in the United States, Google Wallet as the best PayPal alternative accepts all types of debit and credit cards on a worldwide basis. Apart from serving as a digital store, you will easily get into touch with a handful of online merchants that accept payment from Google Wallet.

The best alternate for online shopping as there is hardly any chargeable fee. It is not possible to send money to other Google Wallet users residing outside the United States as it is strictly meant for merchants.

2. Skrill

skrill[the_ad id=”7494″]

Skrill permits one to send and receive money among various users. Its banking is similar to online banking that permits easy sending and receiving of money with the help of debit or credit card. The premium charged varies from one country to another against each transaction made.

Its main focus is to send money among users as there are countable numbers of online merchants that permit the same. It is possible to send money to any corner of the world against a payment of a low premium.

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3. Payza 


Payza enables easy sending and receiving of money of about 21 currencies universally. Though mainly based in the United States and Canada, it is supportive to certain banks and cards from other countries as well. Funds can be easily added to Payza account via bank transfer or credit card, send money and even request money through invoices.

You may create an account at Payza free of cost. Transferring of money can be easily done against a nominal charge that is competitive to PayPal. It has also proved to be a great payment service for online merchants as it comprises of a lot of security features that enables easy management of multiple business transactions from a single account.

4. Payoneer 



If you are a big fan of online shopping, then it is better to go with Payoneer. By simply registering for service grants, it will be easy to grant access to prepaid Master Card. Though account creation is done free of cost, a small amount is charged against activation of card. After successful activation of the card, you may easily load money into our card from your bank account and credit cards.

It is easy to use in numerous countries all across to transfer variable currencies. With the help of an activated card, it is easy to go for online shopping and withdraw cash amount from MasterCard ATM too.

5. Transferwise



If you are having a firm grip on international customers and want to keep fee down, then it will be better to opt for Transferwise. It will let you accept and process payment from clients from any corner of the world.

It is very much simple and easy in terms of usage. As each and every transfer is based on real time exchange rates, transfer fee is very much low. Also, it will also provide much better rates of exchange than other international payment providers including PayPal.

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6. Shopify Payments

shopify payments


Online retailers will be highly comfortable with the usage of Shopify Payments. It has been a great way to get payments from customers. They come as a part of the overall Shopify Ecommerce services.

The Shopify Ecommerce works with the overall platform for a seamless customer experience. It comprises of a dozens of additional features. It totally integrates some of the third party payment processors and other apps that include Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Shop. It also makes reconciliation along with reporting an easier task.

7. Amazon Payments 

amazon pay


The best PayPal alternative 2017! The Amazon Payments system is not at all limited to selling on Amazon. It is possible to integrate the system of Amazon Payments in numerous ways. Strong branding by Amazon helps in creating trust.

Also, due to large number of customers, payment details are already stored thus enabling quick and easy payment. Against a single click, it is possible to place the order and pay for the same. Amazon charges variable but nominal amount for both domestic as well as international payments.

Apart from the ones mentioned above you may give a trial to Stripe, Dwolla, 2Checkout, WePay, Selz and Square. Though among the alternatives to PayPal, they comprise of certain limitations!