Phone Cloning:- In general, cell phones nearby the same broadcasting tower enables easy listening in on calls. Isn’t it? But for the purpose of cloning a cell phone it is essential to make a Xerox copy of its SIM card that is meant for storing identifying information of the phone. All you need is to have an active SIM reader that will read and easily transfer the unique cryptographic key to another phone, thus leading towards the clone phone.

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What is Mobile Phone Cloning in Actual?

But first of all it is essential to have a deep understanding regarding mobile phone cloning! It is a technique that enables reassigning of secured data from one cell phone to another. In other words, the other phone becomes an exact replica of the original phone. It is possible to make and receive calls from the cloned phone provided the legitimate subscriber is billed.

Sounds surprising? Simple! It is a daunting task for the service provider to differentiate between the legitimate and clone phone.  Even the cloner may easily set up options to read SMS, entries made to the phone book, have a look at pictures and many more. They easily getaway through loop holes even after the availability of security algorithms!

Symptoms of a Phone Getting Cloned

phone cloning

Thus, if you are getting unexpected huge phone bills; do not set back in identifying if your cell phone has been cloned. Other symptoms of clone phone include:

  • High difficulty in placing of outgoing calls
  • Continuously receiving of busy signals by incoming calls
  • Frequent wrong number phone calls including hang-ups
  • Inability to retrieve voice mail messages clearly
  • Appearing of unusual calls on phone bills etc.

A countless number of users whether it is GSM or CDMA run at high risk of getting their phone cloned.

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You must be wondering about how to clone phone or the way this particular technique gets applied! At present, softwares like Patagonia and many more are getting developed at tremendous rate within a gap of few minutes. Thus, after installation of the particular software followed by fetching the IMEI number of the cell phone opens the gateway.

Cloning in case of Both CDMA and GSM Cell Phones

  • In case of CDMA Phone

In case of CDMA, phone cloning involves modification and replacement of the EPROM (Electronic Programmable Read Only Memory) with a new chip. The new chip permits easy configuration of the ESN (Electronic serial number) via software. Also, changes are demanded towards MIN (Mobile Identification Number) simultaneously.

After implementation of successful change in both ESN and MIN, the CDMA phone paves an easy pathway towards the building of a clone phone.

  • In case of GSM Phone

In case of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) phones, the incident regarding clone cell phone is achieved by simply cloning of the SIM card. There remains hardly any requirement of internal data. It is interesting to note that GSM cell phones comprise only of an IMEI number rather than ESN or MIN.

In this case mobile phone cloning takes place by removing the SIM card. Afterwards a device is placed between the SIM card and another handset in order to extract the secret code. As the operation takes place for a few days, it can be easily made out that phone cloning in case of GSM is not at all a piece of cake.

gsm vs CDMA

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Clone Phone without a SIM Card – Seems to be a Bit Amazing

It was all about the concept of clone phone that takes place in the presence of a SIM card. Do you have any idea regarding carrying out of this activity in the absence of SIM card? Think! Not getting any idea! Hey! Cheer as it is possible. It is a funny activity that can be tried at home. Vital steps include the following:

  1. Locating the security menu

First of all, it is essential to locate the security menu of your respective cell phone. Though it seems to be a bit challenging, one may visit online websites that permit easy searching for direction to access the security menu.

Get to know about the model number of your cell phone by:

locating security option


  • Looking at the original package
  • Taking the battery out of the phone
  • Looking at the back of the phone near the SIM card
  1. Locating the ESN number

Afterwards, it is the turn of locating the ESN number of your phone by having a look to the serial number behind the battery of the phone. The identifier along with the ESN information is sent automatically each and every time the phone is taken into usage.

  1. Obtain information about the second phone

In order to make the mission of clone phone successful, it is time to obtain the second phone followed by locating the security menu and the ESN information. This information is required to enable easy duplicating of the data from current running phone.

  1. Locating the Code

It is well known that each and every cell phone comprises of a special code that can be utilized or changing the phone number. Thus it is essential to locate the code for the purpose of changing your phone number. By getting access to online sites, you will be provided with the code to change the phone number.

  1. Changing the phone number

Lastly, it is essential to change the phone number of the secondary phone that will definitely match the phone number of your primary cell phone. Afterwards, you need to power on the phone to verify whether the mission of clone phone has become successful or not.

It was all about the case of mobile phone cloning. Doesn’t it sound interesting?