Remix OS Alternative –The world of Android sure has bloomed throughout the ages and tends to keep increasing as the days go. But for the world of computing there sure are several different ways they can be customizable and also can be adaptive as well. Other than Windows and iOS there sure is another fierce competitor known as Android OS.

It has to be one of the most versatile software that can provide you with a much better way of having to compute to a whole new level. Known as remix OS, they sure do pack a punch at making computers be different for a change and also adhere to every level of complexity that you might as well touch them through. But then it’s disheartening to know that the remix OS will be discontinued and will cause some disturbance to the people who use it.

Other than this let’s get into the best or top 5 Remix OS alternative that we have in existence today. So let’s get cracking.

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Best Remix OS alternative


  • The beginning of remix OS. It was on this very platform the remix OS took shape and became something overwhelming to the world of computing. Other than this it was mainly designed to put up the software into the processors of Intel and MAD to support the software.
  • Well, the UI with this software was rather not customizable but rather stock and pure stock android which dint pave the way for anything that great as well. But the nice feature to this was that you could get your smartphone experience on this powerful software and be of much greater use as well.
  • Other than a mouse and keyboard everything else sure did remain the same and also gave you an edge in which it was all up to you as to what you would want to do on the OS and make the best use of it as well. The software is completely free and can be downloaded in any file whether it is ISO or RPM package.

Phoenix OS

  • The software might give you a little flashback from the Android-x86 software but then this is much more customizable and also enjoyable and another perfect alternative to the best remix OS out there.
  • Other than this it sure does have a start option a different web browser and everything else is mainly different and rather unique than the standard Ines that you might find out there. It is one software that you might want to use, but the only drawback is that it needs a pen drive actually to keep it functionally. Other than this it is the best alternative remix OS that you can find out there.
  • Other than all of the above it comes with WPS office pre-installed which proves to be a rather significant advantage in using this software on your computer.

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Chromium OS

  • Well I guess this is the one software that you have heard about that is entirely based on the likings of the chrome web browser which has its roots embedded in this OS. Other than this it sure does seem to be an open source software that is specially designed for the chrome books that you can find or there. Other than this it gives you a web browser sort of experience right from start to end.
  • Also with the recent support, you do get play store pre-installed as well that gives you a rather available user interface in general. The only problem that you might face with this software is the very fact that you might have to keep track of the updates as there are no auto updates hence you might have a tough time in finding the updates out all by yourself.


  • One of the most secure software on an android based platform is this one. The software features many similarities that you can find above and also gives you a much wider take on making everything easy and straightforward to use as well.
  • The complete software is based up Android 6.0 and also brings you the liking of notifications screen and another smartphone like features that might seem a bit more exciting as well. Other than this you sure do get to use all the android apps that you get from the play store, and this makes it interesting and nice to use as well. But with much more of integration and cloud services with end to end encryption, it sure does have a whole lot of features much better than the others mentioned above.


  • It isn’t typically an OS but only acts as an emulator to ensure that you get all the apps and experience of what you might get on a smartphone on your computer screen. Other than this it sure does have a whole new better outlook to just displaying your smartphone, but you can use it while having some other OS already preinstalled as well.
  • Making this much better and also giving you the edge between everything. The entire emulator is mainly based upon the likings of android kit Kat and can be upgraded with additional add one that can make the entire experience much greater and give a whole new depth entirely.
  • But then this emulator has a unique feature as well which is called key mapping. What this does is that it lets you map out individual keys for a particular set of functions while you touch it against your screen.