Samsung Galaxy S8 Covers and CasesSamsung Galaxy S8 Covers and Cases:- Samsung Galaxy S8 has earned enough craze in the market before its release. If you are one among them who is eagerly waiting to catch one, here are the collection of the top 10 best Samsung galaxy S8 cases to protect your device alongside keeping it stylish.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Covers and Cases

1. Galaxy S8 Case VAULT I:

Galaxy S8 Case VAULT I

This case has a decent design made of polycarbonate material featuring a sleek, modern armor case design. It offers standard protection against impact, with a slim, lightweight design weighing merely 1.3 oz. To have the best grip, this Galaxy S8 cover has been slightly textured with tactile frame and has a tactile button that covers with a crisp click feel. This case costs $19.99 and comes with a warranty of 90 days.

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2. Galaxy S8 Case Vault II:

Galaxy S8 Case Vault II This Samsung Galaxy S8 case has almost the same features as the Vault I design does. However, there are some differences in the gripping and style of the case. This design also offers the impact protection with a sleek armor design, but as a twist, to the typical armor cases as it adds some stylish look to your device. A 3D diagonal line pattern for a better grip is added. Apart from these changes, everything is similar to the Vault I design, including the price and weight.

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3. Galaxy S8 case Parallax:

Galaxy S8 case Parallax

This is the fan-favourite case for its geometry and style. It is known for winning the Good Design Selection Award in 2015 for its best geometry design. Adding minimal bulk to the device, it is trendy and fits it like a glove. It is shockproof and has a 3D geometric pattern that provides a firm grip.

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4. Galaxy S8 plus case Coastline:

Galaxy S8 plus case Coastline

This case is perfect to show off your new smartphone as it is translucent. It has been designed in such a way that it snaps securely into the place and fits the device like a glove. Featuring minimal bulk the case weighs 1.4 oz. To add grip the case holds the TPU bumper frame with a tactile grip.

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5. Galaxy S8 plus Clear View Standing Cover:

Galaxy S8 plus Clear View Standing Cover

  This is one of the best cases for those who longs to view movies in landscape mode. The stand at the back of the case is fitted at the optimum angle for the best view in the landscape mode. The cover at the front allows the user to respond to the calls, control music and do a lot of stuff. With a variety of colors to choose between, this Samsung Galaxy S8 plus case is among the top picks.

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6. Samsung Galaxy S8 plus OtterBox Defender Series:

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus OtterBox Defender Series

This case comes with a double-layered design where the inner layer holds the device and keeps it cushioned and the hard outer layer protects it from impacts. This is ideal for those who are looking for some serious protection and those who seek a rough use. Not to be surprised that this case is priced at $59.95.

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7. Galaxy S8 case Fairmont:

Galaxy S8 case Fairmont

This case is made of a double layer which combines PC with faux-leather for dual protection. It includes a textured cover made of faux-leather that gives your hand a solid grip to hold. This is an ideal case for the workplace or a night out.

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8. Galaxy S8 plus Spigen Wallet S Foldable Cover:

Galaxy S8 plus Spigen Wallet S Foldable Cover This Samsung Galaxy S8 plus case and the cover is designed with a high-quality PU leather that gives it a classy look. Included are the slots for credit card and cash, a magnetic latch to prevent the cover from opening on its own.

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9. Galaxy S8 plus Supcase Bumper Case:

Galaxy S8 plus Supcase Bumper Case

This case best suits for the edge-protection of the device without spoiling the look of it. It also prevents the screen from hitting the ground when dropped. Priced at $12.99, this case comes in three different colors to be chosen between.

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10. Galaxy S8 Caseology Legion:

Galaxy S8 Caseology Legion

No exaggeration to say that this case ditches the traditional bulk of armor cases. It features a hard PC cover with a tactile grip, sleek design, and secure fit.

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Now, it is time for you to choose the case that best fits your tastes and needs.