Best Secure Browsers For Android – With safety and security being one of the top priorities for the internet users today, it is incredibly wise to explore various options that are available. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves from being overexposed.  The rate of cyber-crimes is increasing at an alarming rate which puts forth the undeniable necessity to safeguard ourselves. Below are few of the Secure browsers for Android which provide different ways for secure browsing.

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Best Secure Browsers For Android

  1. Google Chrome

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One of the most used and preferred web browsers is undoubtedly Google Chrome which can be used across various devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. One of the main concerns of Google is security. It provides different ways to ensure that the user data is safe and secure and less prone to major security attacks. Google Chrome also has the option of browsing in an incognito mode which can be turned on by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N. When you browse in incognito mode, nothing will be stored in your browser history or search history. Using your Google account, you can also sync various devices which make browsing easier even when you use a different device each time.

2. Opera Mini

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Opera Mini is yet another popular web browser specially developed for smartphones and tablets. It operates on both Android and iOS and provides fast internet access to the users which makes this browser stand out from the rest. Also, using this browser, one can save up to 90% of mobile data. Opera mini has a built in ad-blocker feature which prevents annoying ads from popping up and intervening your browsing sessions.

3. UC Browser

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The safest and the most secure way to utilize the powers of the internet is to make sure we access the internet using a reliable tool. Such kind of a safe web tool is the UC web browser. UC Browser allows you to download videos and other files safely so; you need not worry about downloading unwanted junk. Even after you close the browser, the download will continue and during interrupted connections, the download will automatically resume once the connection is restored.

4. Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is famous for conventional internet browsing mostly used in PCs. But now, Mozilla has extended its services to the platform of Android as well. Firefox provides you the option of customizability. You can customize the browser settings as you wish and enjoy super fast browsing. It also has the possibility of including several add – ons such ad blockers, etc. Firefox has tracking protection, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your personal data.

5. APUS Browser

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The APUS Browser has many additional features compared to the rest of the Android web browsers.  One awe striking feature of this browser is that it increases the loading speed by 60 % and it also includes night mode. Night mode is mainly for those people who stay up late and browse away. When you are in night mode, the browser’s interface changes such that it protects your eyes and makes reading in low light easier.

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6. Dolphin Web Browser

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The Dolphin web browser is the most secure  Android browser and easy to use browser which most of the users prefer. People who are new to browsing can choose to use the Dolphin browser as it has a simple and easy to use UI. Dolphin uses the technique of ‘gestures’ to make navigation easier. It also allows voice search and other options where you can directly save your works to EverNote.   Full-screen mode, private mode, night mode and many other cool features are also available.

7. Next Browser

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The Next browser has many super cool features to keep the users engaged all the time. Features like EverNote, Facebook, QR code, translation, private bookmarks and such are available. If you are browsing on low data, you can switch to the no image mode which allows you to save the data by restricting the loading of images on each web page.