SendPulse is a coordinated messaging platform that enables bulk emails, sms sending and free web push notifications to marketers. This platform provides all the three communication services at a single place. So, it is made convenient for marketers to contact their subscribers through either of the three options or alternatives available. In case, they are not available to receive or reply through emails, then you can easily communicate with them through SMS or web push notifications. You can expand your audience reach and engagement.

How SendPulse works? SendPulse analyses the subscriber’s history, previous emails, product zone, time utilized and after evaluating these preferences, it provides the convenience of contacting subscribers form different pages.

The most advantageous characteristic find in SendPulse is that it increases the email open rate by 30% and it has been said that with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology the rate will rise more even. It is considered that SendPulse was among the three finalists of the next web-scale programme of 2016 and it is also among the best startups of 2016.

  • The Resend to unopened component expands the first open rate by 30-80% relying upon the business.
  • The email development and web push follow up informing expands open rate by more than 30%.

The SendPulse promotes various services as described below:

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Email marketing:

It makes and sends HTML messages with our basic intuitive editorial manager or select from many existing layouts. Much of the time, email advertising is constantly viewed as all around utilized just when you have a decent email marketing that incorporates a business channel.

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Subscription forms:

You can select a subscription form in the pre-designed form and can modify its style, edit text or add images in the form. To make subscription form in SendPulse you have to include a name of an email book in which new supporters’ locations will be accumulated. The subscription forms you make in SendPulse are adjusted to all screen positions. They will look great even on the smallest screen.

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Smart Personalization:

Each mailing list benefit offers basic personalization of messages. In any case, it regularly happens that you don’t have individual data for each one of your supporters. With SendPulse, you can without much of a stretch make a format that is custom-made for every beneficiary.

SMTP Server:

It integrates with CRM or other systems and sends emails to different subscribers through online system. An SMTP account with an expert SMTP benefit is the best variation for sending a considerable measure of messages at a fast. Sending messages by means of SendPulse SMTP server is described by phenomenal deliverability because of SPF and DKIM marks.

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Webs Push Notifications:

It enables you to keep in touch with the subscribers and users when they are updated on their devices. It accesses instant notification to subscribers’ desktop form business website.

Push Notifications


SMS facility:

SendPulse allows the marketers to send instant messages to their users with discounts, receipts, and confirmations at affordable prices. It is helpful when your standard use of email has been completed, so you can use SMS for instant messaging through SendPulse.

You can likewise incorporate SMS and web pushes in your mechanized arrangement of messages: messages + web pushes + SMS.

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API integration:

SendPulse’s Rest API benefit works over the HTTP convention and is basically an arrangement of techniques that are utilized to perform asks for and get reactions for every operation. It also gives builds full control and interminable overseeing capacities.

API Intergeration


A/B SendPulse TEST:

In case you have doubt about your email functioning, then you should first test it on small portion of your email and then forward it to customers and clients through A/B SendPulse test also known as split testing.

How it can be create?

ab test

A/B testing can be accessed by your own dashboard in the SendPulse website menu- A/B testing- create you’re A/B test.

For a split test, you make a unique message and at least one variation with an alternate email subject, sender’s address, or email body.

The main thing that remaining parts the same in a split test is your address book with your beneficiaries’ contact subtle elements.

Split-testing innovation enables you to examine the viability of your mailings and enhance their outcomes relying upon your clients’ specific inclinations.


SendPulse offers various pricing categories. It provides free plan up to 2500 subscribers and it is beneficial for beginners and small business. The lowest paid plan starts at $9.85 per month.

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  • It consists of a plain and perfect user interface. Mechanization of Web-Push Notification which is incredible particularly for a web-based business site.
  • This makes it clear and simple for users to produce an attractive email step by step guidelines.
  • It enables customer support online chat service 24 hours.
  • This service is efficient for new startups and small businesses.
  • SendPulse offers the biggest portion of its free anticipates email and SMTP administrations and with the minimum usefulness confinements.


The service is highly suggested and if you want to get sure of this then you can begin with the free plan and latterly upgrade the paid one. They reach more than 200 nations which are awesome particularly being in the global business world itself. If you require a basic and great working email sending administration that is the most financially effective tool to take care of all the email promoting issues.