Are you aware of the fact that the demand for voice assistants is getting catapulted to a whopping? They contribute a lot in tracking some of the vital things, thus making your life easier in terms of management.

Due to the high efficiency and integration factor, Siri is at present playing a leading role in the market of digital voice assistant. You will be surprised to learn that there is a Siri alternative for iPhone and in the Android platform.

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Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android

Some of the alternative voice assistants for the same include the following:

1. Google Now

Google Now has been undoubtedly reported as one of the best alternatives to Siri in Android. It comprises of a plethora of features that is a mixture of basic along with advanced stuffs that include anticipation of needs, easy activation, Google Now on Tap and so on. Google Now is on its way to bring out something productive.

It has been programmed in such a manner that it easily tries to surface information at an early stage. Google Now sends suggestions on the basis of search history, links already visited along with the thing that goes through the inbox. On the basis of your task, you will get the desired result.

2. Cortana

Cortana by Microsoft is a well known Siri alternative has been reported to comprise of a lot of potential when it comes to improvement. It has been integrated into Windows 10 for cross platform support. You can access your reminders created on your phone.

One benefit of this is being able to send a text message from your laptop when you miss a call on your phone. You can even talk to your PC the same way you talk to your smartphone or tablet. Though a bit rough all around edges, it is integrated in a better manner than other apps available into the market.

3. Robin

It is possible to compare Robin with that of Google Now, which is a funny deal. The app is more than a driving assistant than forming surface information. The developers have deliberately tried to build an app that seems to be a challenger to digital assistant of Apple.

Robin is considered to be a friend riding shotgun that looks up suitable stuff and performs actions on your behalf. It has really proved to be a fast boosting and light weight voice assistant app.

4. is another Siri alternative for android, where the main screen depicts human secretary to add charm. The robotic text-to-speech voice breaks the mood to a certain extent. It will present you with a mixture of corny jokes along with functionality. There is no requirement to open the app for speaking out required commands.

Rather than halting in between, will give its best to make some of the best suggestions on the basis of preference made along with schedule and location. By moving on a premium manner, it is possible to unlock its functionality at the fullest.

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5. Dragon Mobile Assistant

The newly introduced Dragon Mobile Assistant has gained high recognition as among makers of highly impressive voice dictation software for mobile phones and personal computers. It has been well known for hitting the right spot that exists between Mega Corporation and a tinkering person.

It holds the ability to respond towards some of the basic queries regarding weather along with general facts. It has proved to be a helpful deal for sending electronic mails along with posts in social media.

Download: Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android (Free)

6. Jarvis

Jarvis has been recognized for performing all basic operations including permitting smooth going of phone calls, sending of SMS and many more. Also, you may easily get to know about weather and other updates by regular usage of this particular app. It will make you feel like an Iron Man by facilitating music along with voice and artwork.

The present version of Jarvis has been reported to be duly compatible to Android wear. Also, it makes the same as a feasible alternative to Google Voice Search on the smart watch. You may control playing back of music and many more.

Download: Jarvis for Android (Free with in-app purchases)

7. Smart Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Assistant enables the user to go through the list of features that may be activated through voice commands followed by assigning custom keywords as per own choice. It also facilitates easy assigning of names to contacts.

The app is really appealing to human eyes and provides more control over user experience. As it runs on background, commands can be easily issued anytime without any hassle. It is possible to read back responses to dictated texts.

Download: Smart Voice Assistant for Android (Free | Pro)

8. Genie

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Genie is another alternative to Siri and can be easily used to fulfill tasks like calling, voice texting along with dialing in a smooth manner. This particular app holds proper understanding of the concept of setting the alarm through voice command.

Undoubtedly, the app is the best for setting up an alarm clock. You may give a trial to free version prior switching on to the paid version.

9. Indigo

The Indigo Virtual Assistant has been well known for providing some of the alluring features that keep users glued to it. It will easily control the music whenever you are busy to prevent interruption.

It will also carry out the translation for you through native accent. It’s cool features including easy connectivity on social media have made it a grand Siri alternative.

10. Andy

Are you a student? Then Andy will be the best Siri alternative app for your Android smartphone. It will greatly assist you in overcoming issues related to your subjects. It will read out the text for you thus helping you in completion of assignments.

It will also serve as a friend in deed by fetching the best solution to problems related to Mathematics, reasoning, philosophy and logical analytics. You need no one to help you as the best helper is within your clenched fist.

11. AVC (Alice)

Avc alice

AVC (Alice) is another standard digital assistant that contributes a lot in getting the job done. You may easily put up your doubts through a questionnaire session through apps. Also apps for determining weather, calendar, time and reminders will serve the best.

Even you will get your mathematical answers solved with ease. Rather it is a simple to use app that will help you to keep track of things.

Choice is yours!