Studies done by Statista, a global statistics portal, suggest that there is already over 2.46 billion social media users worldwide. A number that is expected to rise to 2.77 billion by 2019. Why does this mean good for your business? That is where your potential customers are.

A large percentage of the social media users are small businesses. Most business owners prefer using social media platforms to market their businesses due to its effectiveness in connecting to new clients: you will be surprised to hear of how much they are benefiting by only tracking Facebook shares.

Do not be left behind as people turn to social media to create brand awareness, make sales and identify leads. All you will need are the following tips to get started or to make the most out of social media for the good of your enterprise.

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips you need for the success of your business

  1.    Have a plan

The same way you had a when you started your business, you will need a plan to make any moves on social media in light of your business. You will need to set goals that are realistic and relevant and that cover generation of leads and rates of conversion. You also need to know how your business is doing. Make plans on how you are going to conduct audits: how else will you know if you are doing better than your competition?

Also, you will need to continually make plans on how often you will be making adjustments to your account; no one wants to come across the same aged and irrelevant content every other day. Most importantly, you need to document all your plans. You can’t always count on your memory! You need a calendar to keep dates and times regarding your content.

  1.    Pick the best platforms for you

Not every platform will work for your business. How so? Note that Snap chat audience is different from a LinkedIn audience, same goes for other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. To optimize social media marketing, you need to ensure that your pick works for your business goals and objectives. You could be surprised to find out that only one platform is relevant to your business while jotting your plan down.

  1.    Play with the visuals

According to research from LEWIS regarding the state of visual communication, sixty-seven percent of marketers use visual content to engage with their customers. Which is why you should make a point of incorporating videos, graphics, and pictures whenever you get the chance to. Using relevant visuals will undoubtedly draw the attention of your audience.

  1.    Employ the right tools

There is so much you need to do while doing social media marketing campaigns: other than posting your content. You need to do a thorough analysis of various metrics, such as the shares and likes you are getting on your Facebook platform.

You need to know who is liking your posts, which type of content is shared most by your audience, so on and so forth. You will need social analytics tools to measure the different types of metrics. Just make sure that you get the right and appropriate tools.

  1.    Know your audience

How do you get to know your audience? That is where the social analytics tools come into play. Having a clue about the demographics of your audience will keep you from formulating blind marketing strategies. Familiarizing with your customers’ persona will help you know what engages them most: that way, you will also save resources like time and money.

  1.    Choose quality over quantity

Do not be led into thinking that because you have so many followers on Facebook, it will translate into good business. Do not spread yourself too thin by having your brand presence on all platforms.

Study your audience and go to where they are and give them content. It may even be on Instagram where you most likely have less following. If you have targeted the perfect audience, as small as it may be, be assured that you will reap from it.

 Social Media Tips will be an excellent platform for marketing and grow your business. Apply the tips and make the best out of social media analytics, and you will reap good returns.