Mark Zuckerberg changed the history of social networking on February 2004 with his very innovative and popular application i.e.” Facebook”. Facebook changed our lives in various ways isn’t it? Now, finding your long lost friends, relatives and loved ones isn’t really a big task. You can easily login with your id and password and can search for the person you are looking for and if you specifically want to search for a person in a particular region that also you can do with the help of the different kinds of filters available. Not only that, also there are n numbers of features available to make your life more connected with the outside world. Fascinating, right? But I’m not here for, to brag about Facebook and discuss all the advantages of using it. I’m here to make you understand why you should stop using Facebook in 2018. I do have reasons for it and I think you would also agree with me after reading this.

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  1. They allow organizations to track you online

Facebook Enables companies to track your data

Do you know, whenever you login with your account, you also allow various organizations or companies reach to you. They use this information to show you some advertisements, so that they can sell things to you. Facebook also keeps track records of the websites and apps that so that they can provide you with the relevant ads. Not only that, they also show you notifications and statuses based on that only. You can check for these kinds of apps in your settings and see whether or not you want them to track you.

  1. Private messages is a myth

Private messages is a myth

Mark Zuckerberg in his recent interview has mentioned that apart from focusing on public content, Facebook is also trying to indulge in some private content too. You may feel that private conversations are insignificant, but they do provide some information to the developers about how do you make use of technology and also about your field of interests based on the posts or messages you share. Conversations are tapped and recorded by the companies which share information to the advertisers about your mental or some personal history, which if gets into a wrong hand can destroy your future.

  1. Over sharing becomes a habit

facebook habbit


Not only Facebook other social networking sites also have a detrimental effect on your privacy. Think of it as, how great it would have been if during sharing a particular post you can also take care of your security instead of compromising with it. Even if you have locked down your privacy, still there is a variety of content you shouldn’t post on Facebook. It’s a very bad idea to share any kind of posts that are offensive and negative, or posts that show too many personal details in any respect. You never know who can take advantage of your situation or put you in some difficult situation.

  1. Best are the posts which are not meant for everyone

Over the past few years people have started to abandon the use of Facebook. They generally use them to see what others are posting. People are now preferring apps that provide a more intimate connection as Facebook doesn’t allow to have more intimate conversations because if we want to share something that will be delivered to everybody with whom you are connected on Facebook since middle school.  Most users use apps and platform that delete their messages and shared photos automatically like they did in Snapchat. At least you are the master of your own privacy.

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  1. Data overburden can lead to negative effects

By now you have already realized that Facebook sells ad space to the companies requiring it or companies who wants to reach you and makes money thereby. Facebook silently analyzes your profile, your browsing history and your messages to figure out important information about you and peacefully sharing it without even letting us know. These information can be very dangerous as they can be used as a weapon used against you. Various organizations and companies gather information online to figure out what are up to in your personal and professional life and this can deliberately affect your chances of getting hired.

  1. Over spending of time

time spending on mobile


And now last but not the least you should quit Facebook so that you can avoid overspending your time on Facebook and do something productive. I definitely agree that Facebook provides a means to connect with your friends and family, and this is seriously very intimidating and fascinating, but it does take a huge toll on our time. We can never know when we are getting trapped in the magical world of Facebook and once trapped, it is very difficult to come out of it.

It is easy to share things on Facebook without even thinking once. If you are feeling low just write a post and someone will be there to cheer you up but the problem arises when your employer see such kinds of post and starts judging you accordingly. That is why, I think you should quit Facebook so that you regain your privacy. Why let some normal friend, your employer or as mentioned earlier, Facebook, to indulge in your personal matters and make inferences from it. So, at last I would just say delete your account and manage your control in a more efficient way as you want it to be managed.