Super Mario for Android

Super Mario  Run was a game designed for Home Gaming Console by Nintendo in 1983. These gaming consoles had to be used by 2 players at a time. You might have seen these gaming consoles at a gaming parlor, outside a restaurant, or at the waiting room of the gas station when you were a kid. You put your coupons into the console collected from the coins you paid for the coupons and play the game. And Super Mario Run became one of the most favourite e and popular games for all kids in the 80s and the 90s. These pixel games had huge young followers. Then with the creation of digital games, such gaming consoles lost their values but people still wanted to play Super Mario Run on a different platform. This desire was fulfilled when it was declared that Nintendo was releasing Super Mario Run for Android.

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How to Play Super Mario Run on Android?

Last year, the Super Mario Run game for the mobile version was released for iOS and on this year’s March 23, the version is released for Android users. Super Mario Run for Android has to be played like:

  • Unlike previously you do not control where Mario would be going. Mario chooses his path automatically. You have to tap the screen timely so that Mario can jump and escape hurdles and collect coins. With one tap, Mario jumps and by holding the tap longer you can make Mario jump higher.
  • This time you have to focus on collecting the coins by jumping timely. The first level gives you pink coins. You need to collect all 5 pink coins (along with other coins as much as you can) to get to the next level. The key to the 3rd level is collecting the bronze coins.
  • In the Super Mario Run for Android version you can also play as other friends of Mario like Princess Peach or as Yoshi, the green dinosaur.

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How does the New Super Mario Run for Android look?

Super Mario for Android


The Game might look simpler but by the 3rd level, the game gets really tough as all this you have to dodge monsters all old and new kinds.Super Mario Run for Android provides two grounds to play; Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder which is the mode of World Tour. The World tour ground is like other war games where you spend your money and design your ground. The Toad Rally is more attractive for a Super Mario Run lover. Here you compete with other online players and collect the coins first to reach the next level. As you win you shall find a group of Toads becoming your follower and they shall help you go further.

The first three levels are available for free to be downloaded from the Google store. To get the whole game of Super Mario Run for Android, you have to pay just $9.99. The pixel version is improved by leaving the essence of the childishness Super Mario Run brought for us when we were kids. There have been players who have already started playing this game and completed the three free levels available.