tbh applications are gaining popularity in the worldwide. The basic aim behind tbh is to enable teenagers, school students and other college students to comment or compliment on each other through polls. It removes the work of writing the posts and instead adopts a polling free approach which requires less time and does not allow people to bully others or making fun of other people.

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As Facebook is the most commonly used app and have increased its tbh but there are other several alternatives for tbh:

1. Covertly:


Covertly is the best tbh alternative which enables you to post anonymous messages without disclosing your personal details.  It does not require login/signup your account to interact with other users. You are only required to measure the nearby location so that you can see anonymous messages posted by others nearby your area.

Along with the specific area, you can also see anonymous messages posted by the people from different parts of the world. You can like upwards of the messages you like and can dislike downwards for those you didn’t like according to your preferences. There are facility of emojis in the profile pictures to add fun and amusement to the app.

Download: Android, iOS

2. Hangout

Hangouts offer you to build and post your video profile so that people can recognize the real you. You can explore and find out the celebrities, people, and personalities. You can ask relative questions and get video answers instantly. Hanginout gives you the capacity to make, devour, associate and speak with others more than ever. Record Responses: Easily record and distribute reactions to address asked people, things you find in the application, or make your own.

You can likewise join the discussion by recording a reaction to things other individuals are discussing. Hanginout is about genuine discussion and associating you with the general population, points, and patterns that you think about most. Effectively inquiry and discover the things that you’re keen on.

Download: Android, iOS

3. Sarahahsarah

You must have been heard about this sarahah app which is most common among teen people for sending anonymous messages without revealing your identity. You can likewise scan for any person by the username to have the capacity to you send an unknown message to them.

Everything relies on the people collaborating with your profile however it’s a simple outlet for digital tormenting and abhor discourse. It, rather than helping individuals accumulate input, has just tackled their confidence.


Download: Android, iOS and web

4. Parlor



Parlor is the efficient anonymous application which connects you with new and like-minded people on 1 to 1 conversations. So in case you’re searching for the most wonderful approach to meet your new closest companion or only somebody to have an incredible discussion with to take a break, Parlor is the best application out there.

This app will never impart your data to the individual you’re conversing with and be watchful with the data you share. You can message individuals once you’ve addressed them and from that point we trust you wind up plainly long lasting closest companions. ·

Download: Android, iOS

5. Whisper



You may not have heard before Whisper, This is the another best anonymous messaging platform which has many competitors but now it is the leading website among all. Whisper app is 100% anonymous app and enables you to post your messages as content cards (with consequently recommended foundation pictures) on the stage.

You can either specifically post a Whisper that will be seen to everybody or post them in an intrigue assemble identified with the point. All messages are posted under a really random show name. This app also lets you to message any of the known or unknown users along with sharing of your opinions and thoughts. The AI side of whisper post short stories or videos from whisper messages posted by you on anonymous people.

Download: Android, iOS

6.  Swiflie



Swiflie also comprises of boxes for an anonymous social media stage but the only difference is that you have to sign up for using this wonderful platform. It hasn’t characterized a lapse date for the posts, however, have rather passed on the quality check procedure to users itself.

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You can like or dislike any post according to your choice. It allows you to either post messages by displaying your true identity or by simply keeping it anonymous. Additionally, you have the choice to follow and posts and converse with people by using the app.

Download: Android, iOS

7. Jodel



Like other similar tbh apps, jodel also show you real-time posts in your location. Its foremost aim is to student community rather than a publicizing app. It needs students on the grounds to post and vote on relevant presents on feature discussions that ought to be the discussion of the day.

The experience of the Jodel is to keep the updated news of the universities and all related to the students. There are three tabs in the front which makes you aware of the upcoming posts and updates. You can also modify the home screen to view posts from other campuses.

Download: Android, iOS

So, here are the best 7 tbh alternatives for anonymous messages.