Tech Gadgets That Keep Your Kids Safe

Gadgets That Keep Your Kids Safe

Child Safety Gate

 If you have tots at home who are into adventurous climbing and walking, perhaps you should consider this one. You can manage your child’s behavior better when you are aware that they are confined to a particular area of your house. Especially when you have to get things done and run chores around the house. Child Safety Gate is a device that ensures that your kids are staying in one place. To keep them thoroughly entertained, you can leave their favorite toys inside the barrier.

Mommy, I’m Here

 This one is an efficient child locator. If your toddlers and young kids have an adventurous streak and they are always on the go on a curious exploration, this gadget is for you. Also, on your shopping tours, you can easily locate your child amidst the toys section. These devices usually come in pairs. They are worn on the child’s wrists or ankles. The parents have a keychain transmitter and it has a button. If you are unable to locate your child, you just have to press that button. The gadget will produce a loud sound and you can easily locate your baby.

Prodigy Car Seat with a SmartScreen

Children can be really fussy in a vehicle. Try this car seat. It is up to the advanced safety standards and is super comfortable. It also features a smart screen that is built-in. It will discourage their sudden tantrums. And that’s why it’s one of the best baby gadgets in the market. Get a cozy cover for the car seat to make your little one more comfortable. You can get belt holders for this car seat to avoid the hassle of untangling and buckling up the car seat belts.

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Amber Alert GPS V3 

A perfect-sized tracker to track your tot’s location both outdoors and indoors. In fact anywhere in the world. It will easily fit your pocket. With efficient software, you can actually geo-fence zones in various locations as to where your child should be. And when he leaves that zone, you get to have text alerts or emails. You can teach your kid to press the SOS button in case of an emergency. It also allows 2-way calls for communication between the child and parents.

PoolGuard In-Ground Swimming Pool Alarm

Children love swimming. Don’t they! And you must have seen very young kids swimming and floating these days. If you are paranoid about letting them swim on their own, you need this device. If someone falls accidentally in your pool, you will readily get notifications. It is basically an alarm that goes into your swimming pool. This alarm also monitors your pool’s state. It is designed to effectively detect any sudden changes or disturbances. The device is especially useful for families with tots who don’t know how to swim.

Child Angel Monitoring

Since children are all about wandering around, this is another recommendation of a monitoring device. It enhances the safety of your child. You can know the whereabouts of your child and identify safe zones with this gadget. When your kid steps out of those safe zones, you’ll be notified right away.

Baby since 7

This one is for parents with infants. It is a baby’s breathing monitor and it ensures that your infant is sleeping safe and sound. The gadget keeps the record of baby’s movements as well as his breathing patterns. If the breathing is irregular, it sends away signals instantly.

Dropcam HD Video Monitoring System

Modern parents make sure that they have visual footage of their children when they are away. They can’t be blamed. The horrible babysitter stories are viral on social media. And you don’t want your child to experience anything like that. So, this one is a must. If you leave your children with a babysitter, you should install this effective camera monitoring system. Whether you are at work, or in another city, you can always monitor your child’s activities remotely. It is as easily accessible as hbo on directv. You can access the camera footage from your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop.

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