Tips For an Agile Workspace on Microsoft Teams in 2019


In 2019, you need all of the edges you can get to improve your workspace productivity. One of the latest philosophies in this day and age is the Agile mindset. What is agile? According to HR Drive, an Agile work environment is any business environment that gives employees the freedom and flexibility to work in different areas of the office, work remotely, or via flexible hours.

While this type of freedom and flexibility wouldn’t have been possible before the rise of technological project management tools, it’s more than possible today. One such tool that helps teams work in an agile way is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is designed for teams and groups of all kinds, and your team can try it for free before you upgrade to a paid subscription. 

If you want to manage a remote, flexible team, you need to make sure all of the following are possible with your online project management system:

  • Organized workspace for storing files and project details
  • Communication channels for messages, voice chat, and more
  • Easy app integration for third-party services
  • A calendar for setting meetings and deadlines
  • Remote scheduling features

As you can see, these things are all valuable not just for remote or flexible workspaces, but also just in-person workspaces. Because we’re going to focus on the ways to supercharge your agile organization, this guide will highlight the ways to utilize Microsoft Teams technology to create a cyber workforce that never skips a beat.

1. Start with Proper Training

Before you do anything else, ensure your employees understand how to use Microsoft Teams. While this platform is similar to other tools like Slack which are common across all industries, there are other integrations that might be new to some of your team members.

If your employees don’t have the right training, they might not be able to utilize Microsoft Teams effectively. In addition, they could fail to see an important message, channel, or meeting. Luckily, there are many free introductions to the program on YouTube that are a great way to gain familiarity virtually.

2. Use Mentions

Mentions are done to send a quick message to someone or to send an alert. If you want to send a message to someone on your team quickly without losing focus on the entire task, you’ll want to use the mention feature. This way, you won’t need to exit the channel and derail your entire conversation.

In an agile workspace, you often need to move quickly. Sometimes you have a quick question that doesn’t warrant a more lengthy voice call or video call, and mentions fill that need in a few clicks. You can also use mentions in order to filter your activity to stay up-to-date about updates related to you specifically. This saves even more time you would have spent scrolling through past conversations.

To use mentions to bring someone into a chat quickly, simply use @name within the channel. They’ll be sent an instant alert and link to the location in the chat. To filter your activity, search @mentions in your activity feed to see your own tagged messages.

3. Jump on a Call

While sometimes having written messages keeps things more organized, there’s sometimes no replacement for talking to someone face-to-face or over the phone. This is not only a valuable way to build a relationship with your remote team, but it also helps co-workers stay in touch on projects even when they’re on the go.

It’s usually quicker to speak to someone on the phone, especially if there’s a more complicated question that needs to be asked. All you do is open up the chat for the person you need to contact, and you’ll see the call and video icons in the top of the screen. This is one of the best features of Microsoft Teams since it’s so easy to reach your team in any capacity.

4. Manage Your Security

Ensure you’re managing your computer and network security. No matter your business size, you might be at risk for an attack. While Microsoft Teams is a secure solution, a part of running an agile workspace is constantly looking for ways to improve.

It’s more than a style of working, it’s a philosophy for managing your business. With a log manager like Loggly, you can track any potential problems, solve them quickly, and set automated alerts. You can’t afford to slack on your security.

5. Enable Rich Editing

Finally, another way Microsoft Teams pushes collaboration further is with rich editing. Sometimes the traditional text box doesn’t cut it. You need more customization to stay organized online, and that’s where rich text editing comes in. Create easy-to-read visuals, memos, and reminders all within your team channels. Never have a reminder get lost in your emails again. To do this, simply go to any chat box and click the rich editing button in the bottom left.

Is your team working at full capacity? Better yet, do you intend to bring on more remote workers and flexible scheduling? Agile is a philosophy that’s here to stay, so make sure it’s actually working for your organization and not against it.

As long as you use the right tools, your team will be up and running from anywhere. Get started with Microsoft Teams today to see what it can do for your business.

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