Top 15 ETL Tools For Data Integration In 2019

15 ETL Tools For Data Integration In 2019

In the present technological world, “Data” is everything and smart consolidation of this data enables the organizations to make better business decisions and improves overall performance. As most of the latest applications and approaches demand real-time data processing and to satisfy this requirement, ETL data integration tools are available in the marketplace.

ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tools extract data from any source, transform into an appropriate structured format, and load into the database for future reference. These tools not only cost-effective & time saver, however, makes data managing process a lot simple task as well as improve the whole system of data warehousing.

Here is the list of 15 top ETL tools (both commercial and open source) which are currently available in the market with their key features.

Informatica – PowerCenter: Widely used for data analysis, application migration, and data warehousing, this tool supports an enormous volume of data of any type and any source. Key Features: Easy availability, Interactive training models, Excellent Graphical User Interface, and Supports Data validation & Cloud computing integration.

Skyvia: Cloud-based platform, this tool offers non-coding integration configuration, backup & restore, management via SQL and access via OData. It supports CSV files, databases, and cloud data warehouses, and applications. Key Features: Effortless wizard-based data integration, Powerful mapping settings, Easy to operate, and Support Data replication & Bi-directional synchronization.

IBM – Infosphere Information Server: This is a powerful data integration platform designed to assist Big Data firms and large-scale businesses in understanding and delivering of trustworthy information. Key Features: Enhanced scalability, efficient performance, improved interactivity, advanced data governance strategy, excellent deployability, and Supports SAP and real-time data integration across various systems.

Oracle Data Integrator: Best suited for Business Intelligence systems, this RTL tool offers a graphical environment for building, managing, and maintaining of an enormous amount of data. Key Features: Faster and simpler development and maintenance, Supports auto-detection of faulty data, Employs powerful declarative design approach, and Offers unique E-LT architecture.

Microsoft – SQL Server Integrated Services: Elite import/export wizard, this tool quickly moves data from a variety of source types to a destination without any modifications with respect to the data type. Key Features: Excellent debugging capabilities, relevant data integration functions, and supports tight integration with other products of Microsoft family.

Ab Initio: Regarded as one of the costliest products in the market, this tool has been backed with user-friendly GUI with a drag and drop feature and is most ideal for application integration and high volume data processing. Key Features: Efficient parallel processing applications, Advantage of processing and loading of data in real-time, and Supports distributed processing.

Talend – Talend Open Studio for Data Integration: This is the first commercial open source software and offers innovative and powerful solutions for data warehousing, migration, and profiling for the organizations of all sizes. Key Features: Easy deployment, User-friendly drag and drop interface, More than 900 inbuilt components for connectivity, and excellent technical support.

CloverDX Data Integration Software: Backed with advanced developer features and scalable automation, this tool assists organizations to tackle key challenges associated with data management. Also, the tool offers a flexible environment for data-intensive operations. Key Features: Feasible user interface, Excellent unified platforms, and Backed up with a huge community to share information and experiences.

Pentaho Data Integration: Supported with user-friendly GUI, this tool enables the organizations to gather data from various sources and migrate data between applications. Key Features: Simplifies creation of data pipelines, Opulent library of pre-built components, Robust orchestration capabilities, and Smooth shift between execution engines, and Provide easy-to-work platform.

Apache Nifi: It is a powerful automated system for data flow between several systems with end-to-end tracking facility. Although it encompasses pre-designed processors, yet permits the users to create own processors as per their requirements. Key Features: Extreme scalability, Minimum manual intervention, Visual commanding & controlling, Better error handling, and Simple-to-understand platform.

SAS – Data Integration Studio: Well-designed with handy GUI, this tool facilitates smooth building and managing of data integration processes. Its powerful transformation logic allows a developer to create, schedule, and monitor tasks as well as help to tackle the speed and efficiency related issues. Key Features: Superb multi-platform scalability, Improved interoperability, Excellent flexibility, and Supports collaboration, code reuse, and standard metadata.

SAP – BusinessObjects Data Integrator: With the help of this tool, one can easily extract data from any source and move into another data warehouse.  Easy to access, this tool comprises of data integrator job servers and data integrator designer which facilitates trouble-free creation of data marts, data warehouses, etc. Key Features: Enables effortless management of several repositories, web service, metadata, and job servers.

Oracle Warehouse Builder: This tool provides a graphical environment to build and manage various processes of data integration. It is empowered by prime capabilities such as data profiling, data modeling, data cleansing, and data auditing. Key Features: Excellent flexibility, Enables the users to design and build ETL processes, and Supports various data types and databases.

Sybase ETL: This powerful tool facilitates extracting of data from several data sources, transforms them into data sets and ultimately load into a data warehouse. Key Features: Assist in real-time reporting and quick decision-making process, Powerful automation, Easy to understand GUI, and Helps to reduce time, cost, and human efforts in the integration process.

DBSoftlab: This well designed tool help organizations of all sizes to automate end-to-end business processes. Key Facilities: Extracts data from any data sources – even from an email and Simple-to-learn platform.

Take Away

As many ETL tools are available in the current market, it becomes extremely difficult to select the right one for the business. However, it will be a much easier task once you understand your unique business requirements and leverage these tools along with the latest technologies and analytics for the improvement of productivity.

And well, at present, this trio – Extract, Transform, and Load enjoys outstanding significance and are definitely important with respect to data management as they simplify the method of data extraction, data transformation, and data loading. 

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