UHANS A6 3G Phablet

UHANS has successfully introduced a smartphone for its valuable customers. This new introduction has really kept users glued to such an exclusive piece of art due to some of the exclusive introductions. Unlike Nokia, UHANS 3G Phablet holds a compact and durable body along with a removable feature.

Its round body is an amazing one! UHANS is simply made of ovals that emulate the emphasis of being a piece of art. Being a rugged advice, one does not need to worry about the breaking down of the device even after falling down from hand. Even, it is easy to use by small children due to absence of sharp lines and angles.

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An Exclusively Premium Look

The back panel is covered with a soft touch rubber that contributes in providing a highly premium look. The slippery glass along with the cold plastic gives a trendy touch thus preventing the occurrence of fingerprints on the set. You can even catch some exclusive glimpses through the camera that is present at the back side.

Even, it works better in darkness due to inclusion of a flash light. When compared to other phone sets, UHANS is a bit bulky but easy in terms of carrying. Though it is available in numerous colors, black has been the most popular and highly favorite. When it comes to display, UHANS A6 3G Phablet is well equipped with an IPS TFT display along with an appreciable resolution.

Content Analysis – At Ease

You may easily regulate brightness, colors and contrast as per your requirement. Such an exclusive feature will make it easy for you to analyze the content as per requirement. The operating system included is Android 6.0, which is one of the latest versions. Even if it serves to be an entry-level handset, it will truly provide the user a memorable experience.

The CPU installed is capable of saving a good percentage of power. Thus you may carry on with your operation for long without any hassle. The device comes packed with sufficient amount of RAM along with ROM capacity. Even, the memory capacity can be easily expanded with the help of TF card slot.

Connectivity Along with Other Features

When it comes to connectivity, the UHANS supports surprisingly 3G network. For your convenience, you may compare the features of 2G and 3G side by side. The removable battery will provide long hours of internet browsing along with video playback, talk time and playing of music.

There are some hidden features that will keep you astonished. The vital ones include:

  • Easy unlocking of the phone via double click
  • Easy identification of gestures along with various apps
  • Easy capturing of screenshots
  • Easy control on gallery and switch interfaces

Thus it can be easily made out that the newly introduced UHANS A6 3G Phablet is a revived version of Nokia that needs to be praised. It is available within a range of $70, but at the same time introduces a lot of fun. Go and get one for you and enjoy!

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