vkworld review

The Mix Plus smartphone by VKWorld began its venture in the technology world very recently. VKWorld is a growing company that manufactures smartphones featuring the latest technologies. Read on to get a lowdown on the phone if you plan on buying this new cool device.

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Vkworld Mix Plus Review


The VkWorld MixPlus weighs about 165 grams with a stunning looking body with a metal frame which is unlike any other ordinary smartphone.  It also has AAC speakers which boost the sound quality.


vkworld mix plus

The MixPlus comes with a 5.5 inch on cell display which is the perfect screen size for any smartphone. It is basically like experiencing a 5.5-inch screen in a phone that is only 5.0 inches long. That is exactly what VkWorld is capable of!  Even though the screen is huge, there are absolutely no problems with any of the touch features and it does not interrupt single handed use. Your finger can easily reach up to almost any place on the screen.  It provides wide viewing angles with excellent picture display and high contrast. The 5.5-inch screen gives a magical appearance to the phone with its almost bezel – less look and 90% screen ratio with 2.5D Gorilla glass. It’s as if like the phone has blended in with the surroundings! It also improves touch accuracy.


vkworld mix plus camera

With such a sizzling display screen, it is only evitable that the MixPlus has equally good camera features. MixPlus doesn’t have dual cameras like most of the high-end phones but it does try to provide exactly what dual cameras can provide by using just a single camera which gives a slight twist to a familiar saying, “One is better than two”.  VkWorld has incorporated the “Bokeh effect” in the MixPlus camera which is similar to the iPhones’ depth of field effect. it’s also has a built in beautification system and thus it can take perfect, flawless natural looking selfies. It has a 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera.


The MixPlus has an internal storage of 32GB and a Samsung 3GB RAM with a Quad core, 1.3GHz ARM processor. And if the internal space is not sufficient, there is always the option of external memory so you don’t have to worry about that.

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The MixPlus runs on the latest version of Android 7.0 (Nougat). It also has a non-removable battery with a capacity of 2800 mAH.  In addition to all this, the MixPlus comes with a fingerprint scanner with which you can easily unlock your phone with just a touch. And for all you beautiful girls out there, let me let you in on a little secret. The MixPlus has been uniquely built with a mirror glass design and so the back of the phone can be used like an actual mirror! It also reflects light and portrays a beautiful piece of art. It also provides the option of long screen capture where you can easily screenshot a long page or document instead of having to take several screenshots.

As you can clearly see, the VkWorld MixPlus smartphone is undoubtedly a unique device in the technical realm that offers a ton of amazing features to its users at quite an affordable price.  If you’re sick of using the branded phones, try being the odd one out. Sometimes that can work wonders. Go grab your MixPlus now before your friend gets it and show it off!