voyo i7

In today’s technology-infused world, laptops and tablets are everywhere! But it is tough sometimes to choose the right laptop for you especially when you have a thousand choices to choose from. Today, let us dive into the world of Voyo and explore the features of Voyo’s all-new i7 Notebook.

The developers have really put in immense effort to provide only the best to their users by implementing innovative technologies.  Maybe, this could turn out to be your smart buddy. You will never know unless you give it a try! So, let’s dig in.

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It’s become one of the hottest trends now for your smart device to look cool and unique. The Voyo  i7 Notebook is everything you’ll ever want.  With a striking metal body, the laptop is about 18 mm thick giving you the desired slim look. It’s weight about 1900 g which makes it super easy for you to carry it with you wherever you go.


The display is a really important aspect for keenly portraying various details of several high-end games as well as enhance your movie experiences. With a full HD display, the screen is 15.6 inches long with a picture resolution of 1920*1800 pixels so that you can enjoy and experience the best quality images. It has a display ratio of 16:9.


voyo i7 keyboard

The laptop has a full size backlit keyboard. Now, you can work at ease even during night times and complete your work on time!


The camera in Voyo i7 Notebook lets you capture your perfect moments so that you can cherish them forever.  You can also stay in touch with your beloved ones through video calling with more clarity. It also has an in-built microphone which can clearly and easily recognize your voice.


Yet another important feature of every laptop is undoubtedly battery power. It is only legit that almost everyone expects the battery power to stay longer so they can use their laptops longer. The Voyo i7 Notebook comes with a 3.7V or 1300 mAH battery with a charging time of about 5 hours. On continuous use, the battery power will stay for around 5–6 hours. Usually, laptops tend to have a smaller period of battery life and it requires frequent charging but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Nobody likes it when your laptop shuts off abruptly when you were in the middle of something important.


The i7 Notebook has Windows 10 preinstalled in Chinese and English languages. Other preferred languages can be downloaded from the internet.


What is a laptop if you can’t play a game with high-end graphics features? The Voyo i7 Notebook comes with the NVIDIA 2GB graphics card. This lets you experience some of the best gaming sessions ever!

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Not only is this phone good looking, it has awesome storage features as well. With an 8GB DDR3L  RAM and 1 TB ROM,  this laptop is literally everything you could ask for. Oh! and it doesn’t end here. It also provides the option of extending the memory up to 16 GB which is the largest RAM capacity. The storage may vary depending on the downloaded applications and the pre-installed softwares.

Most of the people today tend to go for devices that have a popular brand name. It doesn’t always have to be that way because sometimes you will be surprised to know what others have to offer. The Voyo i7 Notebook is undoubtedly one of the laptops that you can find for a really affordable price with absolutely no scarcity of technical features.